Archive | October, 2011

Finding Cheap Fares With Kayak Buzz

One of my favorite resources for finding cheap air fares on the internet is The two Kayak features I use when I want to find a cheap airfare are Buzz and Explore. I will cover Kayak Explore in a future post. Kayak Buzz Access Kayak Buzz by going to, click More, and then […]

Travel Tip: How to Change Non-Changeable Airline Tickets

Southwest Airlines has some catchy television commercials proclaiming that they do not charge for ticket changes or for baggage. Analysis about whether they are completely truthful can be found elsewhere. I do have a couple of experiences and thoughts about making changes to non-changeable and non-refundable tickets. First, cheapest airfares have the most restrictions. In exchange for […]


Travel Lessons From a Guinea Pig

Yesterday I took our family guinea pig pet, Slinky, outside for “grass time.” Slinky LOVES to eat grass. That is probably his favorite thing in the world. However, Slinky was hesitant to eat the grass yesterday. He was completely protected. I was right next to him. He was covered by his cage top and his little wooden […]