The Road Trip Diet (Travel and Lose Weight): Exercise Tip #2, Move Often

You know that you should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

The great news is that you receive the same cardio benefit from two 15 minute sessions as one 30 minute session. Another study showed more weight loss when exercising twice a day for 10 minutes versus one time for 20 minutes.

On road trips, I typically spend much more than 30 minutes walking, hiking, cycling, etc.

Even on days with horrible weather or long periods of driving, my rule is to move around every 2 hours.

For instance, if the weather is bad (rain or snow), I will stop at Welcome Centers, rest areas, or malls. If the weather is nice, I will take a short 15 minute stroll.

At least once every two hours!

How about at home or at work?


Try not to be immobile at your desk for more than one hour. Set an electronic reminder to stretch or take a five minute stroll every hour. It is a great time to refill your water glass.

Walk around while talking on the phone. Or stretch every time you hear the cuckoo or hour chime.

If you take a 5 minute stroll six times a day, you have added 30 minutes exercise to your standard routine.


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