Great Travel Couples: Diana Laskaris and Sue Reddel, Food Travelist

5 Minutes With Food Travelist: Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris

For McCool Travel’s 106th travel profile, I am happy to present Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris of Food Travelist. Food and travel go together like McCool Travel and happy travel! Sue and Diana are professional food travel experts (I retain my amateur status) and they operate the super fun Twitter chat #FoodTravelChat at 8pm eastern US time every Wednesday.

Food Travelist‘s bio:

Sue Reddel & Diana Laskaris have been exploring the world together since we met in 2007. We are dedicated to seeking out the world’s finest destinations, cuisines, accommodations, spas, brands, and experiences. Our stories, tips, and ideas are designed to fuel the thrill of discovery for luxury seekers, global explorers, and food lovers as well as LGBTQ travelers, all seeking an unforgettable experience wherever they go. As ambassadors of food travel, we explore far reaches of the globe, returning with the best of everything.

Food Travelist - Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris

Food Travelist – Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris

Food Travelist


Sue is from Chicago, Illinois and Diana is from Los Angeles, California

Always in my luggage…

We always carry snacks: a must for any length trip.

3 favorite home-away-from-home places…

  1. Paris—so comfortable there yet always learning more
  2. Milwaukee—so close and such a great food town
  3. Germany—anywhere in Germany

A favorite travel memory is…

Celebrating one of Sue’s big birthdays on a barge cruise in Burgundy. Everything was perfect. Great wine, great food, great company. It was truly a trip of a lifetime.

3 favorite travel brands…

  1. Apple—we have iPhones, iMacs, MacBook Airs, iPad, and an iTouch (even an old iPod Mini that still works just fine)
  2. Peninsula
  3. American Express Platinum Card

3 money-saving travel tactics I use are…

  1. Use miles and points when possible
  2. Travel during the shoulder season
  3. Walk everywhere and then you can eat more

3 ways that I have fun while traveling are …

  1. Talking to everyone we meet. We love learning from locals; you hear the best stories and get the best recommendations.
  2. Walking and exploring on our own. It’s an adventure around every corner.
  3. Going to local concerts and events at the last minute. You can usually get reasonably priced tickets or just stumble upon outdoor fests with live music.

8 word (or less) travel mantra…

“We’ve got a smile for everyone we meet.” 

Food Travelist in Ireland

Food Travelist in Ireland

favorite non-travel website … get all the news every morning in a short email and a little sass.

most memorable souvenir …

Artwork we bought in Puerto Rico. It’s in our family room and makes us smile everyday.

Puerto Rico art by Food Travelist

Puerto Rico art — photo by Food Travelist

favorite cheap eat …

Extra Pita Greek Gyro sandwich in Paris in the Latin Quarter.

Greek pita in Paris by Food Travelist

Greek pita in Paris — photo by Food Travelist

recent discovery …

Clementine’s Creamery in St. Louis really tasty and different. They have naughty (boozy) and nice (non-boozy) hand-made ice cream.

Clementine's Creamery, St. Louis, Missouri

Clementine’s Creamery, St. Louis, Missouri — photo by Food Travelist

I am fortunate to have met …

All the chefs around the world who’ve cooked for us. They’re an amazing, hard-working, under appreciated group of people.

I would like to meet …

Anthony Bourdain. It would be great fun to share a meal with him anywhere.

Salut! from Food Travelist

Salut! from Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris of Food Travelist

Thank you so much, Sue and Diana, for taking a few minutes to share your culinary wisdom, travel inspiration, and tips.

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7 Responses to “5 Minutes With Food Travelist: Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris”

  1. Kids Are A Trip August 5, 2016 at 12:25 pm #

    Love these two! The most genuine women you could ever meet. What a fun interview!

    • McCool Travel August 6, 2016 at 3:43 pm #

      Thank you, Genuine is a perfect word for the Food Travelist duo.

  2. Nika Jane August 4, 2016 at 1:16 am #

    The best experience while travelling is meeting with new companion and sharing thoughts.

    • McCool Travel August 4, 2016 at 11:15 pm #

      Great insight, Nika. Thank you for visiting.

  3. Sue Reddel August 3, 2016 at 6:52 pm #

    Thanks for taking the time to interview us Charles! We’re truly honored to be included in such a prestigious group.


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