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8 Great Fun Travel Blogs to Follow

Seems every post about which travel blogs to follow includes the same persons. Heck, I even covered some of them 4 years ago and in McCool Travel profiles.

Since I am all about showing you the quirky and alternate aspects of travel and being The Fun Traveler, I figured it is about time I tell you about other fun travelers.

8 Great Fun Travel Blogs to Follow

  1. A Broad Abroad. OK, it certainly helps being the Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Travel but Paula Froelich is an amazing, fantastic writer.
  2. Pause the Moment. Ryan Gargiulo seems to be having so much fun in every photo he shares. Ryan is now working with several brands and I hope the funness continues to shine.
  3. Drop Me Anywhere. Carole Rosenblat invites readers to select her next travel destination. How fun is that?
  4. Man on the Lam. Raymond Walsh escaped his prison cubicle (work) and says “Cover the Earth before it covers you.”  He writes about quirky getaways, offbeat attractions, and unique adventures. As if anyone likes that stuff. 🙂
  5. Fun in Fairfax VA. Our (my wife and I) hyperlocal website uncovers the funness in Fairfax County Virginia and surrounding areas.
  6. Alex in Wonderland. Most travel bloggers are by default having fun, right? Alexandra Baackes also has one of the cleanest travel blog designs.
  7. Passports and Cocktails. This list is not a ranking because this one would surely be closer to the top. Steve Grams and Katherine Belarmino travel the world reporting on beer, wine, and cocktails. Cheers to that, now we are talking some real fun!
  8. Live a Life of Travels. A recent suggestion from Twitter, this website is run by the adventurous, fun Clare from New Zealand. Her recent post about celebrities banned from hotels is worth the price of admission; free, by the way!

Your turn! Tell me your favorite fun travel blog.

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2 Responses to “8 Great Fun Travel Blogs to Follow”

  1. manonthelam October 29, 2014 at 11:13 am #

    Thanks for including me in such good company! Much obliged. 🙂

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