8 Great Sights of New Orleans

8 Great Sights of New Orleans

Today is Mardi Gras! Nothing signifies Mardi Gras more in the United States than New Orleans.

Here are 8 great sights of New Orleans, from this past September.

1. If you arrive by airplane, you will be greeted in the small New Orleans airport terminal by a Louis Armstrong statue and this gorgeous mural.

sights of New Orleans

2. One way to get around New Orleans is the efficient trolley. Notice that it is clean, empty (probably not on Mardi Gras!), and frequent (two oncoming cars).

sights of New Orleans

3. New Orleans pride is everywhere. Who Dat gonna beat dem Saints? umm, maybe next year.

sights of New Orleans

4. New Orleans style is also prevalent. How about this for your next Christmas tree?

sights of New Orleans

5. This is one of the three possible burial locations of Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen. The 3 x’s indicate someone has placed an offering and requested something (usually a love spell). The 3 x’s are circled when the request is granted.

sights of New Orleans

6. Celebrity sighting! This burial site is owned by Nicholas Cage.

sights of New Orleans

7. New Orleans has the oldest cathedral in North America. Today=party, Tomorrow=Cathedral.

sights of New Orleans

8. Throughout the French Quarter, porches are adorned with elaborate iron work and decorated with plants.

sights of New Orleans

Please see my previous posts about saving 50% on my New Orleans hotel and more New Orleans pictures (including humor, signs, and the Voodoo museum).

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7 Responses to “8 Great Sights of New Orleans”

  1. Michael (@easyhiker101) February 8, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

    One of my favourite city! We were lucky to have enjoyed it before the floods damaged it.

  2. McCool Travel February 2, 2013 at 6:44 am #

    Reblogged this on McCool Travel and commented:

    Special McCool Travel re-post, to commemorate the Super Bowl in New Orleans on 3 February 2013.


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