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Epicurean Hotel Tampa Florida. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel

8 Great Reasons You Should Stay at Epicurean Hotel Tampa Florida

Epicurean Hotel Tampa focuses on curating connoisseur experiences, reflected in their tagline of Awaken Appetites Unknown. The property is inspired by the founder of Bern’s Steakhouse (across the street) which houses one of the world’s largest wine collections (over a half million bottles). We recently stayed at Epicurean Hotel in Tampa, Florida and loved the relaxed luxury vibe. Continuing a McCool […]

16th Avenue Tiled Steps in San Francisco California

16th Avenue Tiled Steps: Things to See in San Francisco

16th Avenue Tiled Steps, Things to See in San Francisco In a prior post, I mentioned receiving tips from Twitter and Facebook friends to visit the San Francisco stairways called Filbert Steps and Greenwich Steps. Another San Francisco attraction which was highly recommended by several people (and websites) is another fantastic public stairway, the 16th Avenue […]

Favorite Travel Pinterest Accounts: Gary Arndt

Favorite Travel Pinterest Accounts Selected by Travel Experts

Pinterest is a great resource for travel inspiration and information. I have a Pinterest account (follow me!) but I asked some leading travel experts and travel bloggers to suggest their favorite travel Pinterest accounts. I have included a link to the submitter’s website and two social media accounts so you can learn more about them. Favorite […]

fun ways to see Tampa Florida: Bayshore Boulevard

5 Fun Ways to See Tampa Florida

Tampa really did surprise me. My prior visits to Tampa, mostly during Florida road trips, left me with the impression that Tampa had seen better days. Since Tampa recently received a downtown facelift with another $4 billion renovation project for the future, I wanted to explore the Big Guava (aka Cigar City) myself. Besides, several friends moved to the Tampa […]

Many fun Florida road trip stops are waiting to be explored and discovered. What are your favorites Florida road trip stops?

8 Great Fun Florida Road Trip Stops

Continuing the current theme of Florida Road Trips from a previous article (Road Trip Habits), here are some Florida road trip stops to entertain (and hopefully inform) you. Seeing Florida from smaller roads is much more fun than from the highways. 8 Great Fun Florida Road Trip Stops 1. Cemetery Humor Residents of Key West, locally called The Conch […]

McCool Travel interview with Lance Longwell and Laura Longwell of Travel Addicts.

5 Minutes With Lance and Laura Longwell of Travel Addicts

For McCool Travel’s 168th travel interview, I am pleased to present Lance and Laura Longwell of Travel Addicts. Lance and Laura Longwell’s bio: Lance and Laura Longwell of Travel Addicts HOMETOWN … Laura grew up in Dallas, Texas. Lance grew up in Golden, Colorado (the self-proclaimed beer capital of America). Our paths collided on the Upper West Side in New […]

Gainesville sign

Things to Do in Gainesville on a Florida Getaway Vacation

Gainesville Florida is surrounded by magnificent natural areas and is home to Florida’s most popular state school, fostering an artistic, entrepreneurial, and innovation spirit. USA’s third largest university also spearheaded the invention of Gatorade, which as you see, further supports and creates a creative environment. Visit Gainesville recently hosted Julie and I in order to discover […]

Road trip habits of happy travelers include enjoying the journey, knowing when to make and break rules, and finding great travel deals.

8 Great Road Trip Habits of Happy Travelers

Many road trips are just a means to arrive at a destination. Those type of road trips are not meant to be fun. Just long days of driving on the fastest route possible, stopping only for essential breaks and perhaps taking quick photos at state border signs. This article focuses on the other type of road trip, […]

things to do in Durham North Carolina. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel.

Fantastic Things to Do in Durham North Carolina: Art, Baseball, Craft Beer, and More

Durham North Carolina inspires visitors and residents alike with a vibrant scene of arts, local cuisine and craft beverages, historic preservation and recognition. It is home to a top university, which adds a youthful vibe, but there are so many other things to do in Durham. Let’s go explore! Durham CVB recently hosted Julie and I […]