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McCool Travel interview with Cacinda Maloney

5 Minutes With Cacinda Maloney of Points and Travel

For McCool Travel’s 136th travel profile, I am pleased to present Cacinda Maloney. Dr. Maloney—she is a licensed chiropractor in Arizona—made a decision long ago to travel 6 weeks every year and now travels full time. I met her briefly last year but then spent more time with her on a magnificent trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana, where we […]

8 Great Places to Eat in Naples Florida. Article by Charles McCool for McCool Travel

8 Great Places To Eat in Naples Florida

Naples Florida is well into a culinary renaissance and their food scene has really evolved. Midwestern US fare and Italian once was standard but restaurants are now more upscale and eclectic. Innovative chefs from around the world move to Naples and incorporate fresh seafood and local ingredients. If you have not been to Naples Florida in awhile, give […]

8 Great Things To Do in Amelia Island Florida

8 Great Things to Do in Amelia Island Florida

Eight different nations ruled the 13 mile long barrier island in northeast Florida called Amelia Island. Being the only place in the USA claiming this distinction, Amelia Island businesses incorporate the “eight flags” theme as much as possible. Among the things to do in Amelia Island is experience and explore Old Florida (history and nature), eat amazing fresh seafood, and mingle with […]

Most Adventurous Travelers Are From ... Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel

Where Are the Most Adventurous Travelers From?

Which country has the most adventurous travelers? Is it your country? Take a few seconds to think about which country has the most adventurous travelers and then read on to see if you were right. Global Adventure Ranking SHAREaCAMPER—a peer-to-peer motorhome rental platform operating in Australia, New Zealand, and Germany—produces the Global Adventure Ranking to better understand their international customer base. […]

McCool travel interview with Sandy and Vyjay of Voyager

5 Minutes With Sandy and Vyjay of Voyager

For McCool Travel’s 135th travel profile, I am pleased to present Sandy and Vyjay of Voyager (IMVoyager on most social media channels). Like my prior interview (Stef Ferro), Sandy and Vyjay appear in the top 10 of the top 1000 Travel Bloggers list (number 7 this week) and I wanted to know more about them. So I asked … Sandy and Vyjay’s bio: Sandy […]

DC food trucks. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel

8 Great Washington, DC Food Trucks

8 Great Washington, DC Food Trucks, first published 19 April 2017 A little over a year ago I completed a work assignment in Washington, DC. Every weekday I rode into the big city, did some work, and anticipated lunch. Working at Union Station, a magnificent building (go visit!), several quick bite places inside the building tempted me but almost […]

McCool Travel article about Redefinition at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner.

Redefined Luxury at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner

The Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner recently celebrated their 25th anniversary as the premier luxury property in Northern Virginia with a complete overhaul and modernization—called the Redefinition project. If you have not been to The Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner lately, you should definitely revisit. If you have never been, well go now while everything is fresh and new. Redefinition project […]

McCool Travel article about Redefinition at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner.

Useful Travel Hacks to Save Money, Time, and Stress

On the recent OneTravelChat Twitter chat (April 13, 2017) the topic was Travel Hacks. #OneTravelChat attendees shared many useful travel hacks, including photos of hotel suite upgrades and tips to get them and other travel deals. I love the crowd sourcing method of information sharing, as it helps everyone travel happier, and save money, time, and stress on […]

McCool Travel interview with Stefano Ferro of

5 Minutes With Stefano Ferro

For McCool Travel’s 134th travel profile, I am happy to introduce you to Stefano Ferro. Stef is a brilliant photographer I discovered through my online travel exploits. He regularly appears in the top 10 of the top 1000 Travel Bloggers list (number 3 this week) and I wanted to know more about him. So I asked … Stefano Ferro‘s bio: Stefano Ferro […]


5 Minutes With Jessica Lipowski

For McCool Travel’s 133rd travel profile, I am happy to present Jessica Lipowski. Jessica co-hosts two of my favorite Twitter chats, #TRLT and #CultureTrav. Please also see the published interviews with her co-host friends Shane Dallas and Nicolette Orlemans. Jessica Lipowski‘s bio: Jessica Lipowski Hometown … Detroit, Michigan Always in my luggage … Passport, toothbrush, and appropriate chargers 3 favorite home-away-from-home places … Amsterdam, […]