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positive vibe in St. Croix

8 Great Things To Do in St. Croix

Great things to do in St. Croix include nature, food, drink, history, and water activities. The variety and quality of cuisine on my two visits to St. John (still one of my favorite places in the world) really impressed me. So when I was invited to a culinary trip to its sister island of St. Croix, I could not say Yes […]

great travel couples

Great Travel Couples to Follow

Many great travel couples inspire, entertain, and educate me with their travel stories, photos, and adventures. Here are some great travel couples who should be on your radar and part of your travel network. Included are links to their websites, social media channels, and, for many, their interviews with McCool Travel. Great Travel Couples to Follow Bonvoyageurs […]

things to do in Richmond Virginia: Museum of Fine Arts

8 Great Things To Do in Richmond Virginia

Great things to do in Richmond Virginia include historic, nature, fun, food/drink, and other activities. Richmond, Virginia is steeped in American history but today is blossoming as an adventure and foodie destination. Traditionally known as the capital of the US South (including the capital of the Confederate States during the 1860s), Richmond is also the hometown of Arthur Ashe, […]

luxury travel bloggers to follow

6 Sensational Luxury Travel Bloggers to Follow

I am by no means a luxury travel expert. Sure, I have dabbled a bit with luxury travel but I am strictly an amateur. Many amazing luxury travel bloggers inspire me and here are a few. I have included links to their websites and social media channels so that you can follow them. Luxury Travel Bloggers to Follow Luxe […]

amazing fish tacos in US: Big Owls Tiki Bar in Grasonville, Maryland.

Amazing Fish Tacos in US

Fish tacos are among my favorite foods. In fact, for my birthday this past August, the only thing I wanted was a lunch of fish tacos from Big Owl Tiki Bar on Chesapeake Bay, which I claim are the most amazing fish tacos in US, outside of California. I could fill several articles with my fish tacos suggestions but, like my […]

8 Great Things to do in Shenandoah Valley: Tuscarora Trail. Eagle Rock Trail

8 Great Things To Do In Shenandoah Valley Virginia

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia is an area of astounding natural beauty and amazing history. The Shenandoah Valley is nestled between two mountain ranges—Blue Ridge to the east and Allegheny (Appalachian) mountains to the west—and stretches 200 miles from the Potomac River in the north to the James River in the south. Only in Shenandoah Valley can you visit Skyline […]

Best Places: St. John, USVI

8 Great Decisions to Help You Travel Happy

In addition to basic travel happy decisions, like WHO (to travel with), WHAT (to do), WHERE (domestic or abroad), WHEN (peak or off season), and HOW (long), happy travelers have a multitude of decisions to consider for every trip. Please note that travelers make different decisions for every trip. Sometimes even during the same trip. Maybe even […]

things to do near Keuka Lake, Finger Lakes, New York

8 Great Things To Do Near Keuka Lake

Of the 11 New York Finger Lakes, Keuka Lake is considered the ugly duckling because of its Y shape. Y-shaped lakes are rare on planet Earth but another is Lake Como in Italy (home to George Clooney), so Keuka Lake is in great company. The southern end of Keuka Lake is in Steuben County, which is actually […]

8 Great Things to do in Lubbock Texas by Charles McCool

8 Great Things to Do in Lubbock

Lubbock, Texas is called Hub City, being the heart of a vast area of the southern end of the High Plains. Lubbock is midway between Albuquerque and Dallas, and also the halfway point between Amarillo and Midland. I bet you did not know that the Lubbock area is actually the largest grower of cotton in the […]