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places to eat in Gettysburg: Dobbin House Tavern

5 Fantastic Places to Eat in Gettysburg

5 Fantastic Places to Eat in Gettysburg Pennsylvania produces the 4th largest apple crop in the US and Adams County is the top apple producer in the state (Gettysburg is the county seat of Adams County). The farms in and surrounding Gettysburg, though, produce much more than apples. Leveraging local produce and products, Gettysburg chefs create the freshest […]

McCool Travel friends

8 Great Food Travel Bloggers to Follow

Remember those Reese’s commercials about how well peanut butter and chocolate (or chocolate and peanut butter, if you prefer) are perfect together? Well, for me, nothing goes together as perfectly as Travel and Food. I regularly tell people that my favorite Travel app is Yelp. That surprises most people, thinking I would instead suggest a travel booking […]

amazing fish tacos in US: Big Owls Tiki Bar in Grasonville, Maryland.

Amazing Fish Tacos in US

Fish tacos are among my favorite foods. In fact, for my birthday this past August, the only thing I wanted was a lunch of fish tacos from Big Owl Tiki Bar on Chesapeake Bay, which I claim are the most amazing fish tacos in US, outside of California. I could fill several articles with my fish tacos suggestions but, like my […]

lose weight when you travel

5 Fascinating Ways To Lose Weight When You Travel

Since the most popular New Year resolution is to lose weight, surely either you are planning to or know someone who is. My primary new year resolution definitely is to lose weight and maybe it will finally happen! What better way to lose weight than to do so when trying different foods and drinks from around the world? On almost […]

5 fun places to eat in Annapolis: Carrol's Creek Cafe

5 Fun Places to Eat in Annapolis Maryland

Annapolis Maryland is a wonderful destination year-round, and it’s only an hour from Washington DC. It’s the perfect spot for sailing the bay, exploring history on foot, or touring the town by trolley. We love to sample new restaurants and pubs and, fortunately for us, there are plenty of great places to eat in Annapolis. Here are […]

San Francisco: Stella Bakery

8 Great San Francisco Cheap Eats

San Francisco has some of the finest and most expensive restaurants in the world. San Francisco also has a vibrant blending of cultures and personalities, resulting in ample opportunities for cheap eats. Last week I was fortunate and happy to visit San Francisco for three days. My breakfast was provided by my hotel(s) each day but […]

Venice pizza

50 Memorable Food and Drinks

I turn 50 today! I can tell you are thinking, “gee, I thought you were much older.” Thanks a lot! Since I have not yet been everywhere, tried everything, and have much more exploring (research!) to do, I cannot honestly provide a 50 best list of anything. However, here is a sort of auto-bio list of 50 […]