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McCool Travel interview with Mike Ragsdale, founder of 30A

5 Minutes With Mike Ragsdale of 30A

For McCool Travel’s 122nd travel profile, I am happy to introduce you to Mike Ragsdale, the founder of 30A. Have you heard of 30A? 30A celebrates small-town beach life along Florida’s Scenic Highway 30-A and is positively one of my favorite travel brands. It has been too many years since I have driven highway 30-A but I was thrilled to have the chance to […]

McCool Travel interview with Context Travel: founders Lani Bevacqua and Paul Bennett

5 Minutes With Context Travel

For McCool Travel’s 121st travel profile, I am happy to introduce you to Lani Bevacqua and Paul Bennett the founders of Context Travel. I recently saw an interview with them in Forbes and thought it would be cool to interview them myself. They said Yes! Context Travel‘s bio: Context Travel: Paul Bennett and Lani Bevacqua Hometown… We are currently based in Philadelphia, where we own […]

McCool Travel interview with Power Couple Life: Tiana and Shannon Harris

5 Minutes With Power Couple Life

For McCool Travel’s 120th travel profile, I am happy to introduce you to Tiana and Shannon Harris of Power Couple Life. In addition to their website and social media accounts, they run an amazing Facebook group called Let There Be Travel, which has over 10,000 members. Power Couple Life‘s bio: Power Couple Life: Tiana and Shannon Harris Hometown… Tiana was born and raised in […]

McCool Travel interview with Tiffany Dowd, Luxe Tiffany

5 Minutes With Tiffany Dowd

For McCool Travel’s 119th travel profile, I am happy to present Tiffany Dowd of Luxe Tiffany. Tiffany Dowd and her online persona @LuxeTiffany are among the most influential names in Luxury Travel. I was happy to learn that we both are USC graduates (Fight On!), just a couple of years apart (yeah, right?). I also included Tiffany on my recent list of […]

Kristin Luna, Camels & Chocolate

5 Minutes With Kristin Luna

For McCool Travel’s 118th travel profile, I am happy to present Kristin Luna of Camels & Chocolate. I have known Kristin for years on Facebook and Twitter. I knew she writes very compelling travel articles and takes magnificent travel photos, but I did not know that she … Well, I will let you read on to learn more about Kristin […]

Chris Cruises logo

5 Minutes With Chris Owen

For McCool Travel’s 117th travel profile, I am thrilled to present Chris Owen. When I think cruises, Chris Owen is one of the first names I think of. Not only is his insider cruise industry knowledge astounding but he is also up front and tells it like it is. Chris Owen‘s bio: Chris Owen Hometown… Beautiful Downtown Apopka, Florida—AKA The Foliage […]

McCool Travel interview with Richard Kerr

5 Minutes With Richard Kerr

For McCool Travel’s 116th travel profile, I am thrilled to present Richard Kerr. One of my favorite Facebook groups is his Travel Hacking 101. Richard Kerr is a prominent travel points experts and was just confirmed as a speaker at SXSW in March. Congratulations, Richard! He also recently started a new joint venture, The Points Consultants, to help frequent travelers optimize their travel points. […]

McCool Travel interview with Robin Draper of Authentic Florida

5 Minutes With Robin Draper

For McCool Travel’s 115th travel profile, I am thrilled to present Robin Draper of Authentic Florida. At a recent travel conference in Florida, several travel journalists asked me, “do you know Robin Draper?” Well, dang, I got the point, eventually. Actually, her Authentic Florida page on Facebook is one of my favorite travel resources and I am so happy to learn more (and share […]

McCool Travel interview: Mary Jo Manzanares relaxing in Japan

5 Minutes With Mary Jo Manzanares

For McCool Travel’s 114th travel profile, I am happy to present Mary Jo Manzanares of Traveling With MJ. I have followed Mary Jo like for-evah on social media. We finally met in person at a TBEX conference in 2015, where she was the conference director (she recently left that role). I was struck by how similar our favorite travel memories are. Mary […]

McCool Travel interview with Valerie Stimac of Valerie & Valise

5 Minutes With Valerie Stimac

For McCool Travel’s 113th travel profile, I am happy to present Valerie Stimac of Valerie & Valise. Valerie is a longtime contact on Twitter and Facebook. She is currently traveling in Europe through the rest of 2016 and is deciding where to go afterwards. Valerie Stimac‘s bio: Valerie Stimac of Valerie & Valise Hometown… I grew up in Eagle River, Alaska, but now […]