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McCool Travel interview with Matthew Karsten of Expert Vagabond.

5 Minutes With Matthew Karsten of Expert Vagabond

For McCool Travel’s 149th travel interview, I am thrilled to present Matthew Karsten of Expert Vagabond. I was going to say that Matthew is one of those massively influential travel people who I really want to meet but I just met him about 10 hours ago. Perfect timing. Matthew Karsten‘s bio: Matthew Karsten HOMETOWN … Campton, New Hampshire ALWAYS IN MY […]

McCool Travel interview with Matt Gibson.

5 Minutes With Matt Gibson

For McCool Travel’s 148th travel interview, I am thrilled to present Matt Gibson. I met Matt in Nepal (of all places) earlier this year and previously knew about his superb work with Xpat Matt. Matt has many other projects, as you will learn. Read on! Matt Gibson‘s bio: Matt Gibson HOMETOWN … Cranbrook, British Columbia ALWAYS IN MY LUGGAGE … TRX system […]

McCool Travel interview with Roy Stevenson.

5 Minutes With Roy Stevenson

For McCool Travel’s 147th travel interview, I am happy to present Roy Stevenson. Roy has written hundreds of travel articles over the past 10 years and coaches others to become new or better travel writers. Someone with that much experience must have some great travel tips and stories. Roy Stevenson‘s bio: Roy Stevenson HOMETOWN … Seattle, Washington. Currently living in […]

McCool Travel interview with Kelly Stilwell. Article by Charles McCool.

5 Minutes With Kelly Stilwell

For McCool Travel’s 146th travel interview, I am thrilled to present Kelly Stilwell. Anyone with “Fun” in their brand name (hers is Food, Fun & Faraway Places) is OK with me. And Kelly is. She is from Annapolis, like my prior travel interview subject, Travis Pastrana. Will the next one be three in a row? Stay tuned! Kelly Stilwell‘s […]

McCool Travel interview with Travis Pastrana. Article by Charles McCool. Photo by

5 Minutes With Travis Pastrana

For McCool Travel’s 145th travel interview, I am thrilled to present Travis Pastrana. Yes, that is right, Travis Pastrana! I recently met Travis at the Subaru National Business Conference in Denver, where he represented the Rally Team and I was one of the Subaru Ambassadors. Check out our picture here. I know Travis is a big time extreme sports star […]

McCool Travel interview with Julie McCool of Fun in Fairfax VA.

5 Minutes With Julie McCool of Fun in Fairfax VA

For McCool Travel’s 144th travel interview, I am happy to introduce you to Julie McCool. Besides helping me a lot on McCool Travel. Julie operates her own website, focusing on funness in and around Fairfax County Virginia (and places Fairfaxians would like to travel to). Oh, since today is my birthday, I take the liberty of taking the day […]

McCool Tavel interview with Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington from Travel and Style Magazine

5 Minutes With Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

For McCool Travel’s 143rd travel interview, I am happy to introduce you to the lovely Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington. We met on my first Viking cruise, in Barcelona, and then a couple of other times (but definitely not enough). Jennifer has recently been appearing frequently on Canadian TV, providing travel inspiration and tips. Hey, I should do that! Jennifer Weatherhead […]

McCool Travel interview with Love and Road: Robson Cadore and Natalie Deduck

5 Minutes With Rob and Nat from Love and Road

For McCool Travel’s 142nd travel interview, I am pleased to introduce you to Robson Cadore and Natalie Deduck (Rob and Nat) from Love and Road. Nat once owned a beauty salon and is a worldwide party animal (hello, Pitbull!). Rob worked in the shipping industry and is an adventure sport junkie. Together they are a fun and fascinating nomad […]

McCool Travel interview with Mike Shubic of Mike's Road Trip

5 Minutes With Mike Shubic of Mikes Road Trip

For McCool Travel’s 141st travel interview, I am pleased to introduce you to Mike Shubic of Mike’s Road Trip. I recently attended two conferences—in Alabama and in Nepal—and Mike spoke about video at both. In Nepal (I am still amazed to say that), Mike and I talked road trips, video, travel business, and more. Mike Shubic‘s bio: Mike Shubic […]

McCool Travel interview with Dave Briggs of Dave's Travel Pages

5 Minutes With Dave Briggs of Daves Travel Pages

For McCool Travel’s 140th travel interview, I am pleased to introduce you to Dave Briggs of Dave’s Travel Pages—one of the oldest online travel brands. On a recent trip to Nepal (yes, Nepal), I joined eight other travel professionals on a five day mountain trek on the Annapurna Circuit. Dave was the fittest person in our group but also […]