Dream Big, Start Small: Steve Jobs Effect on Travel, You, and I

The online world is filled with sadness today. Steve Jobs, the great visionary and creative genius, co-founder of Apple, recently CEO of the world’s second largest company, died yesterday.

I have seen posts comparing it to when Walt Disney (or Edison or Ford) died, asking whether Bill Gates (or anyone) would get the same reaction, and just lots and lots of sadness.

Steve Jobs was the leader of a creative revolution. He was a master of design more so than a product inventor.

Here are links to his inspiring commencement speech in 2005 (video and text). Watch it! Read it!

I am writing this post on my Mac mini, listening to iTunes, with notes written on my iPhone and iPad, after listening to my iPod at the gym this morning. So, yeah, Steve Jobs and Apple changed my world.

I first used an Apple product in 1979.

Yeah, that’s me, in 1980. In fact, I was on track to be a computer programmer until the first Macintosh was released in 1984. I was so awed by applications that I decided to no longer pursue a path of programming.

I never met Steve Jobs–that I know of. Back then, I did not pay attention to who I met and such. I did work at Apple for a year. Steve was at Pixar at the time.

In fact, my one-year contract at Apple followed my longest sabbatical (16 months).

It is said that Apple did not conduct as much R & D (research and development) as similar sized companies because they had Steve Jobs. After all, Apple offerings are transcendant not mere improved developments.

Indeed, Apple did not have to solicit customer feedback for future product ideas because we are not the visionaries. Sorry to say it, sorry to burst your bubble, but we are not all visionaries–but we can dream.


One of my dreams was to travel around the world for a year. Done!

Later, I wanted to visit all 50 states. Check!

I have had (and still do have) travel dreams.

For instance, I still want to visit all 7 continents.

However, I do NOT have a dream to visit every country. Just because someone else has a travel dream does not mean it is mine.

See, everyone should have unique, personal, authentic dreams.

START small

Steve Jobs may have envisioned revolutionizing consumer electronics but he started small. He and Steve Wozniak started Apple in a garage. They did not, I think, anticipate the digital music (iPod, iTunes) and cellular (iPhone) revolutions.

Today especially, let your awesome dreams flourish.

If you want to travel in Asia for a year, go to lunch or dinner TODAY at a nearby Asian restaurant. Talk to the waiter about Asia. See where the conversation leads. (NOTE: I found the cheapest fares to India from a flyer in an Indian grocery store).

If you want to sail around the world, visit the fancy boat clubs in Baltimore, Marina Del Rey, or Ft. Lauderdale. Talk to the yacht owners and dock workers. (NOTE: People have hitched rides around the world this way).

How about you?

What are your grandest travel dreams?

What small thing can you do today to start living that dream?

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