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My McCool Travel Tips column on Travelers United (formerly Consumer Traveler): January 2015 – present

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North Carolina Travel Expert on USA Today 10Best: December 2017

Virginia Travel Expert on USA Today 10Best: December 2017

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Salt Plage St. Kitts Instagram page: December 2017

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Madrid On A Budget: 8 Secret Tips From Madrid Insiders on Jessie on a Journey: September 2017

The Best Self Help Books (Picked by 200+ Influencers) on Self Development Secrets: September 2017

What I like About Ireland on Travel Media Ireland: August 2017

Charles McCool, Travel Influencer, recommends visiting Cliffs of Moher on Travel Media Ireland: August 2017

The Ultimate USA Fall Travel Guide for Your Next Vacation on Travel Through Life: August 2017

Favorite Places to Travel on Southwest Discoveries: July 2017

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Ritz-Carlton Instagram page: March 2017

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Baby Boomer Travel Experts Favourite Destinations on My Faces + Places: March 2017

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Your Favorite Travel Destination on Stay Adventurous: February 2017 (audio interview at 7:11)

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Romantic Getaways Around the World on Travel Photo Discovery: January 2017

MIR’s Trip to Iran on McCool Travel on MIR Corp: January 2017


Top 50+ Travel Blogs of 2016 on Hello Travel: 2016

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on Travel With Bender: October 2016

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Thursday Traveler on Passports From the Heart: August 2016

Best Places to Visit in Europe on AutoEurope: August 2016

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Interview With Charles McCool on Travel Blogger Interviews: July 2016

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Miami Like a Local: You’ve Been Seeing This City All Wrong on Yahoo Travel: November 2015

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A Perfect Daytona Beach Weekend on Yahoo Travel: October 2015

10 Travel Bloggers’ Scariest Travel Stories on Huffington Post (HuffPost Travel): October 2015

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Miami to Orlando Brightline Train on Miami and Beaches: October 2015

10 of the Scariest Travel Stories on Matador Network: October 2015

How to Travel Off the Beaten Path Anywhere on Orbitz: September 2015

Annapolis: America’s Sailing Capital and So Much More on Yahoo Travel: September 2015

Airbnb Backlash: 8 Reasons Why Hotels Are Still Better on Yahoo Travel: August 2015

A Cautionary Tale on Airbnb on August 2015

35 Things to Love About North America on August 2015

Mouf Links: Pocono Mountains Edition on August 2015

Stairs With a View on August 2015

You’re Not a Real American Until You’ve Taken These Road Trips on Yahoo Travel: July 2015

How to Find Cheap Flights Like a Pro on July 2015

As the Sun Sets on California on July 2015

Jetsetter Roundup: Road Trips on July 2015

Featured Blogger: Charles McCool on Samantha En Route: June 2015

54 things to love about Asia from 54 travel bloggers on June 2015

Best Beaches in the World on June 2015

Travelers Share Their Favorite National Parks on May 2015

Bike to BBQ on the Western W&OD on May 2015

5 Factors for Your First Cruise on May 2015

5 Under the Radar Attractions in Miami on May 2015

The Smartest Habits of Happy Travelers on Yahoo Travel: April 2015

Wednesday Wanderlust: Chattanooga on Valerie & Valise: April 2015

50 Reasons to Love the World on Yahoo Travel: April 2015

Travel Souvenir Collection: Decks of Playing Cards on April 2015

How to Afford Part-Time Travel on Outbound Adventurer: March 2015

Booking Travel Like a Pro in Wells Fargo Advisors Lifescapes magazine: February 2015

North America From Above on The Trusted Traveller: January 2015

2014 and before

Airfare Deals: One More Easy Way to Save Money on Kidventurous: October 2014

Airbnb Florida: Top Airbnb Houses and More on Visit Florida: September 2014

Top 8 Fall 2014 Travel Trends on RentItToday: Fall 2014

Florida Favorites in Tampa Tribune: August 2014

Florida Favorites on Visit Florida: July 2014

Florida Favorites on Kara Franker: July 2014

Wine Tasting Around Charlottesville Virginia on Visit Charlottesville: April 2014

Cool Travel Advice in Huffington Post: December 2013

World’s Smartest Traveler on December 2013

Tweeters Talk Innovation in Travel on Travel Weekly: October 2013

Save on International Airfares With Split Tickets in Conde Nast: November 2011

How to Save on Airfares the Easy Way in USA Today

Travel Guys on Twitter from

Seven Quick Tips to Keep the Airfare Low in Baltimore Sun: April 2002

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  1. aditi bohemian December 6, 2017 at 2:25 am #

    We have been travelling solo and as a couple for over eight years now.This blog initially reserved for only friends, families and whoever interested turned out to be to an outlet of expression for me, a collection of memories from our travels and a journal of love and joy for travelling.

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    A wanderer journaling her travel stories all while journeying and eating her way through the world with her one and only. Aditi is a Dubai based Indian travel blogger whose work and life hasn’t stopped her from aiming to check the entire world off her bucket list.

  3. bohemian November 1, 2017 at 12:46 am #

    A wanderer journaling her travel stories all while journeying and eating her way through the world with her one and only. Aditi is a Dubai based Indian travel blogger whose work and life hasn’t stopped her from aiming to check the entire world off her bucket list. Her travel stories are based around experiencing the culture of a place while highlighting their food and as much as possible jet-setting off to off-beat and usual destinations around the globe with her globetrotter husband,

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