Save 43% on Entertainment Books

I hope my previous post convinced you that Entertainment coupon books are still worth buying.

Entertainment coupon books allow you to save hundreds or thousands of dollars (it is up to you!).

My previous post showed you six ways to save money off the retail cost of a new Entertainment book.

Well, I just purchased my new 2013 local edition book.

And saved 43%.


Well, the retail price is $35. The books are being sold for $19.99 at my local Costco.

I saved $15, almost 50% off the retail price.

Entertainment Coupon Book

McCool Travel: 2013 Entertainment Coupon Book at 43% Discount

BONUS: at Costco, the Entertainment books are on open tables so that you can browse through them and determine whether you want one. Believe me, you want it! However, you can look at the index to see which local restaurants participate, for instance. At Barnes & Noble, CVS, and other stores, Entertainment books are usually behind the counter and/or shrink wrapped.

Happy Discounting!

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