Songs of Morocco, Part 1

About 24 hours after landing in Casablanca, I bought a train ticket to Marrakesh.

Waiting for the incoming train before boarding, the melody of the song Marrakesh Express naturally flowed through my brain.songs of moroccoThe train ride to Marrakesh is about three and half hours. Lucky for me, our train was luxurious. The first class compartment had nice single seats in an open car, versus the six cramped seats in a compartment (as on the return trip).songs of morocco
The first class fare was 140 Dirhams, which was less than $20. In between talking to people and walking around the train, I listened to songs on my iPod Shuffle. I did not have Marrakesh Express in my library but I did have other CSN songs. Anyway, Marrakesh Express stayed in my head until the following day.songs of morocco

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