Subaru Ambassador: Win Swag

Since I bought my new Subaru Forester about 21 months ago, I have really enjoyed my road trips (especially unpaved roads) because the Forester has good off road clearance, with amazing visibility (great for my fun road trips), interior space, and fuel efficiency—compared to similar vehicles.

McCool Subaru Forester in Allgoody

McCool Subaru Forester in Georgia

Subaru Ambassador: What and Why

I was recently selected as a Subaru Ambassador. What does that mean, especially for you? Well, for one thing, I have a large box of new Subaru items to share with people. Interested? Read on.

McCool Subaru Forester on dirt road

McCool Subaru Forester on dirt road

How to Get Some Subaru Swag

In exchange for your Subaru pictures, Subaru stories, or expressed interest, you might be selected for some Subaru gear. I am calling it #Fall4Subaru.

I am the sole sponsor and will subjectively select swag recipients. #Fall4Subaru is not sanctioned by Subaru.

3 ways to enter:

  • take a picture with the theme of #Fall4Subaru and email it to me: mccool -at- You can also post it to Twitter and/or Instagram; tag me (@CharlesMcCool) and include the #Fall4Subaru hashtag.
  • leave a comment below about an experience related to the #Fall4Subaru theme
  • leave a comment below telling me why you want Subaru swag
McCool Subaru Forester crossing water

McCool Subaru Forester crossing water

Subaru Ambassador Swag Items

I have been provided a Subaru Ambassador stash of new branded items to give to McCool Travel followers (or anyone I want): including sunglasses, water bottles (2 types), camping cutlery, carabiners, flashlights, bandanas (fandanas), and even a portable snow shovel.

Subaru Ambassador

McCool Subaru Forester offroad

McCool Subaru Forester offroad

#Fall4Subaru Rules

Rules? There are really no rules. You know me by now, right?

Here are some guidelines, though:

  • I will assign prizes to interesting entries. Inspire me, humor me, entertain me.
  • Swag will also be distributed at one or more in-person events (TBD) so not every item will be available through this #Fall4Subaru swagtacular. However, the sooner you enter, the better chance you have to score Subaru swag. I do not have to wait until all entries are submitted to choose.
  • Selected entries will be published on McCool Travel and shared with Subaru.
McCool Subaru Forester foliage

McCool Subaru Forester foliage

Now, let’s have some fun. For your chance at free Subaru merchandise, remember to email me your best #Fall4Subaru photo, comment below with a #Fall4Subaru story, or just ask in a comment!

McCool Subaru Forester on dirt road

McCool Subaru Forester on dirt road

Thank you. Happy travels no matter which vehicle you use or road you are on.

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5 Responses to “Subaru Ambassador: Win Swag”

  1. Sharon Glynn December 3, 2015 at 4:03 pm #

    SO HAPPY TO FIND THIS WEBSITE! My son (24) is a HUGE Subaru fan! He recently purchased a VERY USED manual Subaru Legacy to teach himself how to drive “stick”. Since he’s still looking for work after college graduation, money is tight so he’s had to do all repairs himself (and there have been MANY!). He has already decided to get another Subaru when this one dies. He also got his twin brother hooked on Subaru and now he’s out looking for a Forester! Anyway, for Christmas they asked for “anything Subaru” so I’m hoping I can get him some swag here or at least get some tips on where to get some.
    Subaru Mom!

    • McCool Travel December 3, 2015 at 5:09 pm #

      You sound like a cool Mom. Send me your street address and I will get you some Subaru stuff. Click on the Contact link at the top of my home page (

  2. Dianne Schellin Eldridge October 12, 2015 at 8:47 am #

    #Fall4Subaru Friends are in the Subaru Club. Check out our driveway some time — one Forester and one Legacy (ours), another Forester, and a new Outback. Subaru has definitely gone viral for those wanting a reliable, go-in-any-weather-or-terrain car.


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