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8 Great Ways to Get Free Lodging in New York City

Originally posted September 6, 2010 on Travelskills.blogspot.com. Tomorrow I (and many others) begin a month of travel using JetBlue‘sAll-You-Can-Fly pass. One destination I want to visit is New York City. That is convenient, since New York’s JFK airport is a JetBlue hub and their HQ. Some say New York City is the greatest city in the world. I recently saw Travel […]

#1 Tip to Save Money on Lodging

In a previous post, I showed the one travel tip that will help you save money (and have more fun)—on EVERY trip. That tip is to Be Flexible. That same premise can be applied to lodging. #1 Travel Tip to Save Money on Lodging *** Be FLEXIBLE *** I will assume that your destination and dates of […]

Old Man and the Sea(ttle Hostel)

“Who is this old man staying in our room?” the two young women must have thought when I returned to my assigned dorm room. I had checked into the Seattle City Center Hostel during the early afternoon, made my bed and set out to explore Seattle. Only one of the four bunked beds were made […]

New Orleans Hotel

50% Lower Hotel Rate in 5 Easy Steps

Here are 5 quick steps I used to slash the rate by over 50% for a recent stay at Country Inn & Suites in New Orleans: 1. Shopped for the best rate on the company website A friend recommended Country Inn & Suites for my stay in New Orleans. The best rate for one night […]