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Travel Tip: How to Change Non-Changeable Airline Tickets

Southwest Airlines has some catchy television commercials proclaiming that they do not charge for ticket changes or for baggage. Analysis about whether they are completely truthful can be found elsewhere. I do have a couple of experiences and thoughts about making changes to non-changeable and non-refundable tickets. First, cheapest airfares have the most restrictions. In exchange for […]

McCool Travel Tip: Finding Better Seats

A recent post about selecting good seats on flights has good information for selecting airline seats when you make a reservation. Often, though, I see better seats when I board the plane. If another passenger has not reserved that seat, then surely I can move there. Right? Well, NO! Airlines usually will not let you […]

McCool Travel Tip: Selecting Good Seats on Flights

Once upon a time, selecting a seat on a flight used to be easy–you would tell the reservation or gate agent window or aisle. More people began flying and passengers started sitting in the middle seats. Airlines increased the number of seats on their craft. The pitch–space between the seats–decreased while the average passenger size […]

McCool Travel Tip: Add-on Fares

Finding cheap flights requires more than just “asking” Kayak or Priceline. Kayak and Priceline–and other booking websites–are merely tools for finding the cheapest flights. Just like using a hammer or saw, the power of the tool depends on the ability of the user. Being able to look for add-on fares is another skill to add […]

McCool Travel Tip: Open Jaw Flights

Do you know about open jaw flights? Open jaw flights are a great way to save money and have more fun on trips. Open jaw itineraries are one of my favorite travel strategies. I often fly into one airport and return from another, such as when I recently flew to Key West and returned from […]

March Madness and Cheap Flights

March Madness now signifies the NCAA (university) basketball tournament, where anyone and everyone fills out a bracket and is an instant hoops guru. A committee of experts selects and ranks the teams according to expectations and based on the season’s performance. The first series of games are then played resulting in at least one upset, […]