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New Orleans Hotel

5 Steps to Find Cheap Hotel Rates

Here are 5 steps I typically use to find cheap hotel rates. Some numbers are included from an actual stay to show how I saved over 50% for a stay at Country Inn & Suites in New Orleans: 5 Steps to Find Cheap Hotel Rates 1. Search on company website A friend suggested Country Inn & Suites for my trip to New […]

affordable luxury hotel

Finding a Last Minute Affordable Luxury Hotel

For my recent trip to San Francisco, I intentionally left my first night free for the purpose of this article. I wanted to find an affordable luxury hotel as close as possible to Union Square in downtown San Francisco. On the BART ride from the airport, I researched available hotel rooms on smartphone apps, like HotelsByMe and Hotels.com. I also […]

8 Great Ways to Get Free Lodging in New York City

Originally posted September 6, 2010 on Travelskills.blogspot.com. Tomorrow I (and many others) begin a month of travel using JetBlue‘sAll-You-Can-Fly pass. One destination I want to visit is New York City. That is convenient, since New York’s JFK airport is a JetBlue hub and their HQ. Some say New York City is the greatest city in the world. I recently saw Travel […]

Matching Lower Prices

Have you ever asked a travel company to match an advertised price from a competitor? Most airlines are copycats anyway. When one carrier drops the price on a route, the other carriers flying that route will match the lower price. When the sale is over and fares goes back up, they magically go up from […]

Save Money With Split Travel Reservations

Sometimes I am surprised that old tricks still work–to find lower airfares, hotel rates, and other travel deals. I recently searched for a hotel for three nights. The rate was $169 per night. However, when I searched one night at a time, the first night was $129 while the other two nights were $169. Airfare […]