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Amazing Travel Tips

Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest, Oh My

Unlike almost every travel blogger I know, I do not produce and publish travel articles WHILE I am traveling. So, for the next few days, the McCool Travel blog will be relatively quiet. I do have a travel profile going up on Thursday, which you will not want to miss. However, I will be very […]

McCool Travel: Dining Tip

In Search of Glowing Recommendations

In Search of Glowing Recommendations Between Yelp, Chowhound, asking the right questions, and exploring, I feel that I have a knack for finding great places to eat in unfamiliar towns. Yesterday, I had lunch with Anne. She operates Regali Jewelry (check it out). Our conversation included Charlottesville, Virginia. Anne mentioned my recents posts (including Ace BBQ) and said […]

8 Great Holiday Air Travel Tips

It is no secret that flights during the year end holiday season are stressful. Flights are more packed (more people), there is less onboard space (more bulky clothes and carryon gifts), and security lines are longer (because “novices” are flying). I have shared many holiday air travel tips in recent Twitter chats and figured it […]

8 Great Ways to Get Free Lodging in New York City

Originally posted September 6, 2010 on Travelskills.blogspot.com. Tomorrow I (and many others) begin a month of travel using JetBlue‘sAll-You-Can-Fly pass. One destination I want to visit is New York City. That is convenient, since New York’s JFK airport is a JetBlue hub and their HQ. Some say New York City is the greatest city in the world. I recently saw Travel […]

8 Great Ways to Find Travel Deals

Here are eight great ways to find travel deals: Twitter. Follow the Twitter accounts of individual airlines, hotels and hotel chains, rental car companies, cruise lines, and other travel companies. Journalists, travel industry experts, and other Twitter users also tweet travel deals. TIP: I created a Twitter list, and frequently check it for travel deal […]

Morocco 015

To App or Not To App

In Old School Trip Planning, I said that I would not use any apps on my trip to Morocco. How did I do? Well, I succeeded. I visited Morocco without using apps and made it home in one piece. I did pre-trip research in guidebooks and online, so I had a basic plan for my […]

Jason Scott

McCool Travel Tips from Travel Experts: Jason Scott

McCool Travel is excited to present interviews with travel industry giants, super frequent travelers, and adventurous persons. For the third profile, I am happy to present Jason Scott. Jason is CEO of Sunday Drive, LLC. Their flagship product is the Sunday Drive iPhone app. Sunday Drive is a community of  locals, enthusiasts, and conservationists building […]

Making Good Decisions

One Good Decision Leads to Another That seems to be the theme of a Nutrigrain commercial* I recently saw. Starting your day with a Nutrigrain bar, instead of a doughnut, leads to better and healthier decisions throughout the day (it implies). That made me wonder whether a good decision while traveling or trip planning works […]