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IHG vs SPG Points Analysis

This article assumes the reader has basic familiarity with earning travel points, redeeming travel points, and analyzing category point bonuses. For basic information about frequent flyer point valuation, please read Determining the Value of Travel Points. Earning SPG Points Because of a strong recommendation from my favorite points guru, I shifted some spending and interest to the SPG program […]


Determining the Value of Travel Points

In my book, Winning the Airfare Game (published in 2001), I valued frequent flyer points at 2 cents. I based my value on a basic domestic US award of 25,000 points redeemed for an average flight of $500.     Over the past 15 years, airlines have altered their frequent flyer programs and I really have […]

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Maximizing Delta Award Travel

I am currently designing a trip, trying to maximize the value of various travel awards, including a Delta airline award. One of the award travel components I want to use is 45,000 Delta SkyMiles points. First I looked at the award chart on Delta.com:   Those numbers are what Delta charges for one-way flights. Interestingly, Delta does […]

Frequent Flyer Programs

The following section about Frequent Flyer Programs is from my book Winning the Airfare Game. It was written over 12 years ago. How much of this information is still valid today?–I wonder… Excerpt from Chapter 3 of Winning the Airfare Game by Charles McCool, © 2001, Hawk Ridge Press Frequent flyer programs were created to encourage […]