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banff squirrel nacho libre

5 Minutes With Banff Squirrel

For McCool Travel’s 43rd travel profile, I am extremely honoured to present Banff Squirrel. Banff Squirrel, aka Crasher Squirrel, was featured a few years ago in National Geographic, where he photobombed this couple’s scenic picture. While this was not Banff Squirrel’s first interview (here is another), it is believed to be his first official profile (yippee, a McCool Travel exclusive). As you […]

San Francisco: Stella Bakery

8 Great San Francisco Cheap Eats

San Francisco has some of the finest and most expensive restaurants in the world. San Francisco also has a vibrant blending of cultures and personalities, resulting in ample opportunities for cheap eats. Last week I was fortunate and happy to visit San Francisco for three days. My breakfast was provided by my hotel(s) each day but […]

Kristin Addis

5 Minutes With Kristin Addis

For McCool Travel’s 42nd travel profile, I am happy to present Kristin Addis. I recently discovered her website, Be My Travel Muse, and was instantly captivated. I was extremely fortunate to catch her at the right time and she graciously shared her thoughts for this profile. Kristin’s bio (in her words): Kristin Addis Hometown Torrance, California Always in my luggage… […]

Amazing Travel Tips

Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest, Oh My

Unlike almost every travel blogger I know, I do not produce and publish travel articles WHILE I am traveling. So, for the next few days, the McCool Travel blog will be relatively quiet. I do have a travel profile going up on Thursday, which you will not want to miss. However, I will be very […]

Fall Colors

8 Great Fall Travel Trends

Signs of fall (autumn) are everywhere in North America. Schools are back in session. Weather is getting cooler. Football season has begun and baseball is winding down (Go Nats!). And pumpkin stuff is everywhere. I recently stocked up on Trader Joe’s pumpkin cereal bars because my local store ran out last year. I am such an obedient […]

Carole Rosenblat, Drop Me Anywhere

5 Minutes With Carole Rosenblat

For McCool Travel’s 41st travel profile, I am happy to present Carole Rosenblat. Get this, Carole invites people (readers of DropMeAnywhere.com) to vote on where in the world she will go next. Sound crazy? Or wonderful? Either way, you will want to check it out. Her current vote is which ancient civilization to visit. One previous vote was which […]

Amazing Travel Tips

Amazing Travel Tips From Susan Griffith

It is not often that I am impressed with a travel resource, especially a book. While online information can be fresh and newspaper/magazine articles are timely, book information is usually outdated. However, Work Your Way Around The World by Susan Griffith is a recent valuable discovery and a great travel reference book. I found the current 16th edition at my […]

Finding Cheap Airfares With Skyscanner

Finding Cheap Airfares With Skyscanner

I spent a bunch of time yesterday playing with researching cheap airfares on Skyscanner. I had heard of Skyscanner many times but had not actually tried it. Let me just summarize: SkyScanner is a great resource for finding cheap airfares. Finding Cheap Airfares With Skyscanner Skyscanner has a clean user interface and a powerful, comprehensive search engine. […]

White Hall Vineyards, Charlottesville

Virginia Wine is For Lovers

The Washington Post recently ran several stories in their Travel section about Virginia wine. Living in close proximity to Virginia wine country, I have had many occasions to visit great wineries. Here is my report on a recent Virginia wine trip to the Charlottesville region. Virginia Wine – Charlottesville Although more popular wine regions are in California, wine was found earlier […]