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5 Reasons to Drive the Subaru Impreza Sport. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel.

5 Fantastic Reasons to Drive the Subaru Impreza Sport

You met my Subaru Forester, a wonderful road trip vehicle, in other McCool Travel articles. I also share Subaru Love as a Subaru Ambassador—one of more than 8,000 volunteer, unpaid devotees. Fifteen Subaru Ambassadors attended the Subaru National Business Conference in Denver, Colorado last month and I was fortunate to be one of them. While there, I met […]

Solar Eclipse Tip: Don't Feed the Landfills. Article by Charles McCool for McCool Travel

Solar Eclipse Tip: Don’t Feed the Landfills

When hiking, walking around cities or towns, or even strolling my own neighborhood, I usually pick up stray trash. I feel like every little bit helps. My mindset is also influenced by something I read long ago. A billionaire said something similar when an associate asked why he picked up trash in New York City—a […]

McCool Travel interview with Travis Pastrana. Article by Charles McCool. Photo by VTCar.com.

5 Minutes With Travis Pastrana

For McCool Travel’s 145th travel interview, I am thrilled to present Travis Pastrana. Yes, that is right, Travis Pastrana! I recently met Travis at the Subaru National Business Conference in Denver, where he represented the Rally Team and I was one of the Subaru Ambassadors. Check out our picture here. I know Travis is a big time extreme sports star […]


Subaru Ambassador: Win Swag

Since I bought my new Subaru Forester about 21 months ago, I have really enjoyed my road trips (especially unpaved roads) because the Forester has good off road clearance, with amazing visibility (great for my fun road trips), interior space, and fuel efficiency—compared to similar vehicles. Subaru Ambassador: What and Why I was recently selected as a Subaru Ambassador. […]