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Many fun Florida road trip stops are waiting to be explored and discovered. What are your favorites Florida road trip stops?

8 Great Fun Florida Road Trip Stops

Continuing the current theme of Road Trips from my last article (Road Trip Habits), here are some Florida road trip stops to entertain (and hopefully inform) you. Seeing Florida from smaller roads is much more fun than from the highways. 8 Great Fun Florida Road Trip Stops 1. Cemetery Humor Residents of Key West, locally called The Conch Republic, […]

fun in Washington DC

8 Great Ways to Have Fun in Washington DC

It is seemingly a rite of passage to visit Washington, DC. Reluctantly, it seems for many people, visiting DC means checking off a list item, making sure the family sees the monuments appearing on US money, and zipping through a White House tour before heading off to the next location. Fun in Washington DC, of […]

fun things to do in Hagerstown Maryland

5 Fantastic Things To Do In Hagerstown Maryland

A little over an hour west from Washington, DC and Baltimore, road trippers to Pittsburgh and points west enter gorgeous Eastern US mountain scenery and along I-70, the fastest route, start to see signs for Hagerstown, Maryland. Hagerstown is perhaps the best place to stop before hitting the big split—where I-70 and I-68 separate in Hancock (Maryland)—and has […]

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys

Florida Keys Lobbies DC Commuters With Clever Ads

The Florida Keys and Key West tourist office is currently running an awesome advertising campaign in Washington, DC directed at DC commuters.   DC commuters at two Metro stations are bombarded—in a refreshing way—by a saturation of various sized print ads showing off the Florida Keys region. While the other stations have the customary ads for current or upcoming […]

5 fun places to eat in Annapolis: Carrol's Creek Cafe

5 Fun Places to Eat in Annapolis Maryland

Annapolis Maryland is a wonderful destination year-round, and it’s only an hour from Washington DC. It’s the perfect spot for sailing the bay, exploring history on foot, or touring the town by trolley. We love to sample new restaurants and pubs and, fortunately for us, there are plenty of great places to eat in Annapolis. Here are […]

things to do in Prince William County Virginia: Prince William Forest Park

8 Great Things to Do in Prince William County

Prince William County is the third most populous county in Virginia (after Fairfax and Virginia Beach) and is within an hour drive of Washington, DC.—where many residents travel to work each weekday. Two of the bloodiest American Civil War battles occurred in Prince William County, which was first settled in 1653. Along with history, things to do in Prince William County […]