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Fun places to visit in Washington DC. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel.

8 Great Fun Places to Visit in Washington DC

Please enjoy this starter list of fun places to visit in Washington DC. Whether you visit Washington, DC often or seek fun places to visit in DC for your first trip there. While most visitors prioritize seeing the amazing museums and the National Mall (rightly so), there is so much more to see and do […]

places to visit near DC: Great Falls National Park.

Great Places to Visit Near DC

IPW 2017, sponsored by U.S. Travel Association, is a major travel conference occurring right now, in early June in Washington, DC. The IPW theme of “Bringing the World to America” is realized by bringing prominent international and US travel journalists (including ME!), destinations, and travel brands together. All of the visitors want to know, even if they do not know […]

DC food trucks. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel

8 Great Washington, DC Food Trucks

8 Great Washington, DC Food Trucks, first published 19 April 2017 A little over a year ago I completed a work assignment in Washington, DC. Every weekday I rode into the big city, did some work, and anticipated lunch. Working at Union Station, a magnificent building (go visit!), several quick bite places inside the building tempted me but almost […]

Fun Places to visit in Washington DC. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel.

8 Great Ways to Have Fun in Washington DC

It is seemingly a rite of passage to visit Washington, DC. Reluctantly, it seems for many people, visiting DC means checking off a list item, making sure the family sees the monuments appearing on US money, and zipping through a White House tour before heading off to the next location. Fun in Washington DC, of […]

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys

Florida Keys Lobbies DC Commuters With Clever Ads

The Florida Keys and Key West tourist office is currently running an awesome advertising campaign in Washington, DC directed at DC commuters.   DC commuters at two Metro stations are bombarded—in a refreshing way—by a saturation of various sized print ads showing off the Florida Keys region. While the other stations have the customary ads for current or upcoming […]

Great Falls Virginia

8 Great Places to Visit Near Washington DC

Many of my famous, influential, and powerful friends are currently (or will soon be) visiting Washington, D.C. My bestie Prince William is visiting Washington, D.C. today. On Wednesday, December 9, the White House Travel Blogger Summit will cover Study Abroad and Global Citizenship. Yesterday, I saw Johnny Jet and other travel industry celebs at Frequent Traveler University. Social media is buzzing […]