The Road Trip Diet (Travel and Lose Weight): Destination Diet Plans

Have you noticed that many popular diet plans are named after destinations?

South Beach DietMediterranean Diet.

Are travelers more likely to need diet plans?

Do exotic destinations indicate a better diet?

Here are some other “destination” diet plans. Indicate your favorite plan in the comments.

Scarsdale Diet. Park Avenue Diet.

Beverly Hills Diet. Hollywood Diet. LA Weight Loss Diet.

Martha’s Vineyard Diet. St. Tropez Diet.

Wall Street Diet. New York Diet.

Hilton Head Diet. Sonoma Diet.

Italian Diet. Jerusalem Diet.

Japanese Diet. Okinawa Diet.

Best of all (IMHO) is Shangri-La Diet.

So, do you have a favorite? Any you have never heard of? Any others?

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If you are a dietician, frequent or infrequent traveler, or someone who wants to contribute to this ongoing series, you can email me at [email protected] or leave a comment.

Thank you.

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