The Road Trip Diet (Travel and Lose Weight): Food Tip #7, Sleep Well

Did you know that a good night sleep helps you maintain a better diet?

According to Dr. David B. Augus, from his book, The End of Illness,

Sleep deprivation essentially disconnects our brain from our stomach, leading to “mindless eating.”


When people snooze just four hours a might for two nights … they have a marked increase in hunger and appetite, driving them toward calorie-dense, high-carbohydrate foods such as a sweets, salty snacks, and starchy foods.

Dr. Augus also describes the “wonder drug” for overall health is not a drug but a regular schedule. He says that it is important to eat, exercise, and sleep at the same time every day.

When traveling, it is easy to lose track of time (jet lag, for instance) and not stick to a schedule.

I love the idea of a free wonder drug. After reading his explanation, I will try to maintain a consistent schedule–at home and on the road.

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