FREE Rental Car (8 Great Reasons to Buy a New Car in Europe)

Ever since I heard about people picking up new cars from the factory in Europe (about 20 years ago), I thought that it may be the coolest thing ever. You watch your new car roll off the factory floor and be the first to drive it (except for a factory worker).

Plus you save money—on the car cost and what you would spend on a rental car or lease. I can give you all kinds of strategies and tips for cutting rental car rates but I cannot beat FREE. Best for me is that you drive your own car in Europe—for as long as you want (I suggest at least a month)—before taking it to a drop off point for delivery back home. Brilliant!

Well, don’t take my word for it. I talked to my friend Kelley about picking up her new Volvo wagon in Sweden, through the Volvo Overseas Delivery program.

8 great reasons to buy a new car in Europe

  1. free airfare to Sweden
  2. one free night lodging in Gothenburg
  3. driving my new car around Sweden
  4. free lunch and tour of the Volvo factory
  5. windmills—everywhere!
  6. lots to see and do around Gothenburg
  7. more car, less money
  8. order from the dealer in November and pick up from the factory in Spring. Storefronts have beautiful Easter decorations.

    European Delivery Program: Buy a new car in Europe
    European Delivery Program: Buy a new car in Europe

Direct links to other auto makers’ European Delivery programs: AudiMercedes Benz, Volvo. Note: BMW ended their European delivery program in May 2020 and Saab also once has a program but no longer does.

Me? I certainly hope to do pick up my new car in Europe one day. Perhaps it will be a hydroelectric, no-oil burning, 4 wheel drive with great power and towing capacity. I think the European automakers are working on it!

Would you buy a new car in Europe?

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  1. My sister and brother-in-law are driving the Volvo they happily flew to Sweden for a few years ago. They loved the adventure of it and are still quite smitten with the car.

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