Along the South Florida Waterfront

When you visit South Florida, there is a high likelihood you will be on or near the ocean at some point. While there are no beach pictures in this post, here are some things to do on or very close to the water and some fun Instagrammable photo spots in Florida.

Along the South Florida Waterfront

In South Beach (Miami Beach) interesting art deco architecture intermingles with modernness.

Art Deco Colony Hotel in South Beach Miami
Art Deco Colony Hotel in South Beach Miami

If you want the attention of parking valets, driving a convertible mustang on a sunny day will do it.

purple awnings and palm trees in Miami Beach, Florida
Ocean Drive in South Beach Miami

My favorite route between Miami Beach and mainland Miami is MacArthur Causeway. When I have time, I make pitstops on the islands: Star, Palm, and Hibiscus.

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I previously showed you a picture of a quirky mailbox on Star Island. Star Island has some of the most expensive properties in the world.

extravagant gated entrance on Star Island
gated entrance to Star Island mansion

There is also a park, Buoy Park, in the center of Star Island.

tall palm trees at Buoy Park on Star Island Miami
Buoy Park, Star Island, Miami Florida

Hibiscus Island and Palm Island are not as exclusive as Star Island but still have impressive and very expensive properties.

OK, now back to reality. How old do you think Miami is?

Archaeological evidence shows the Tequesta Indians were at Miami Circle (at Brickell Point) 2,000 years ago. I finally visited Miami Circle last month, even though I parked in a loading zone to do so. There must be a legal place to park but I have not found it.

historic Miami Circle archaeological site in Miami Florida
Miami Circle at Brickell Point in Miami Florida

sign explaining historic Miami Circle

In a prior post, Florida Hills, I mentioned the William Powell Bridge on Rickenbacker Causeway. Here is a view of the bridge from the northwest tip of Virginia Key, looking back toward Miami. You can see the high rise buildings of Brickell Avenue peeking above the bridge.

Rickenbacker Causeway bridge leading to Virginia Key and Key Biscayne
one of the highest spots in Miami is along Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne

No secret that there are plenty of alligators in South Florida. In fact, there is a canal behind my childhood South Florida home where we saw gators (and snakes, iguanas, and even a manatee). Anyway, this sign in North Miami Beach really threw me off.

crocodile warning sign in Miami
crocodiles in Miami? Greynolds Park, North Miami Beach

I knew that crocs and gators mixed in the southern Everglades but I had no idea that crocs lived this far north. Yikes!

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