The Most Beautiful Camping Sites in New Zealand

Camping is one of the best ways to get emerged into nature, experience it with all your senses, and really give your soul a break, so it is not really a surprise that New Zealanders love to spend their summers camping and taking in their beautiful natural riches. New Zealand has so many amazing spots where you can park your trailer or pitch your tent, whether it be by the river, on the lake, in the forests, or by the sea!

So, if you are planning a big adventure in the wilderness, head to the land of Kiwis and get ready for one of the best camping experiences in the world. Here are some of the best and most beautiful camping sites in New Zealand to put on your radar.

The Most Beautiful Camping Sites in New Zealand

1. Lake Tarawera Outlet Campsite

If you are looking for a very easily-accessible and spacious scenic spot to chill in New Zealand, park your trailer or erect your tent on Lake Tarawera. This amazing spot offers a lot of fun activities, from trout fishing and water sports to amazing hikes. Do not miss out on taking a relaxing walk to the Tarawera river and see the waterfalls and have a refreshing plunge. Not a fan of cold water? No problem! Grab a kayak or hike to the natural hot springs on a beach nearby and you will feel like you have stepped into nature’s 5-star spa resort! However, if you want to enjoy such a luxurious camping experience on Lake Tarawera Outlet Campsite, you will have to pay for a camping permit on your way to the site.

2. Pelorus Bridge Conservation Campsite

This gorgeous site is located only 50 kilometers from Nelson (or 60 kilometers from Blenheim) and it is perfect for all sorts of campers, first-timers and veterans. It is also home to a beautiful river with crystal clear water and many little waterfalls that just make the whole scene even more breathtaking. After all, Peter Jackson knew what he was doing when he chose Pelorus to shoot some of the scenes from The Hobbit! If you want to go on a Bilbo-sized adventure, pack your tent and get ready to experience the best of NZ’s nature. Keep your eyes open for the rare and elusive long-tailed bats that are under protection in the area!

3. Pohara Beach Holiday Park

Visit the stunning Golden Bay and pitch your tent just over a sandy Pohrara Beach! This bay is quite close to a few national parks and breathtaking Te Waikoropupu Springs, so be prepared to be amazed by the natural beauties. This site looks amazing all year round, but if you want to experience it in all its glory, do so in the summer to see how the golden sun kisses blue waters of the bay. However, other people might also be rushing in to see the same spectacle, so consider visiting just before the biggest tourist rush to get some peace and quiet.

4. Maitai Camping Ground

If you love to mix your camping with biking or hiking, the Maitai Camping Ground is the perfect spot for you! The whole country of New Zealand, but the Nelson-Tasman region in particular, is a cycling and hiking mecca for its many amazing trails. So, if you are interested in an experience like this, start at the Maitai Camping Ground and start your Dun Mountain Trail! The whole trail is super interesting, but do not miss the famous Spooners Tunnel—the longest rail tunnel in New Zealand. You need to have your practical camping gear at hand for this adventure and bring your headlamps or torches on your tunnel ride, because it can get very dark and scary without illumination.

5. Craigieburn Shelter Campsite

If you want to feel like you are in the middle of nowhere and free like a bird, head to the Craigieburn Shelter Campsite. This magical site is located just between the beech trees and rugged mountains and it is quite remote and secluded from the rest of the world. It is also quite big and versatile and you can choose to camp in the beech forest, near the river or overlook the mountains from the green grass! Craigieburn is also a great spot to start your mountain biking adventure or try your hand at climbing limestone cliffs.

6. Lake Pearson

If you are up for some truly chill camping experience, find your spot at the Lake Pearson and simply unwind! This large lake is a home to many different bird species and is even a good spot for fishing (even though fish can be very clever and elusive there). Call before starting your Lake Pearson trip in case it is closed for restoration. However, if it is open, visit it!

Whie in Kiwi Land do what Kiwis do and go camping. It is the best way to experience this beautiful country and all its natural beauties. Grab your camping gear and start your New Zealand adventure now!

Do you have suggestions for other beautiful camping sites in New Zealand?

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