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McCool Travel interview with Anna Faustino of Adventure in You.

5 Minutes With Anna Faustino of Adventure in You

For McCool Travel’s 163rd travel interview, I am pleased to present Anna Faustino from Adventure in You. I had the epic opportunity to hang out with Anna (and 7 other intrepid travelers) on a 5 day Nepal trek last year. Her GoPro photo of our group rafting the Trishuli River in Nepal is one of my favorites. Anna […]

things to do in Amarillo

8 Great Things to Do in Amarillo

“Step Into the Real Texas,” they like to say in Amarillo, Texas. While Amarillo is the largest city in the Texas panhandle, it is even one of the dozen largest cities in Texas. “Real Texas,” I gather, means avoiding the hustle and mayhem of the big city and appreciating the people, things, and surroundings. While Amarillo […]

McCool Travel interview with Samantha Feuss of Have Sippy Will Travel

5 Minutes With Have Sippy Will Travel: Samantha Feuss

For McCool Travel’s 162nd travel interview, I am pleased to introduce my audience to Samantha Feuss from Have Sippy Will Travel. Her Twitter feed recently caught my eye as she publishes compelling travel content. She graciously took time to share the below travel thoughts and expertise. Have Sippy Will Travel‘s bio: Samantha Feuss: Have Sippy Will Travel HOMETOWN … […]

McCool Travel: keep your new year's resolutions at Canaan Valley Resort

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions at Canaan Valley Resort

It is easy to make new year’s resolutions but often difficult to keep your new year’s resolutions. With a number of winter activities to experience, therapeutic facilities to enjoy, and variety of food options to sample, Canaan Valley Resort struck me as a most convenient place to keep your new year’s resolutions. That realization struck me this past weekend—the first weekend […]

5 Fun Hyundai Elantra GT Features. Photo and article by Charles McCool for McCool Travel.

5 Fun Hyundai Elantra GT Features

The 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT is a fun, affordable hatchback with more than ample interior space and storage. Entering its second generation with the 2018 model, the Hyundai Elantra GT’s redesigned interior detailing is elegant and useful. The car is fun to drive, comfortable, and is much different than its cousin, the Hyundai Elantra sedan. […]

lose weight when you travel

5 Fascinating Ways To Lose Weight When You Travel

Since the most popular New Year resolution is to lose weight, surely either you are planning to or know someone who is. My primary new year resolution is to lose weight and maybe it will finally happen! Since I travel often, it would be great to lose weight when you travel. What better way to lose weight than […]

Absolutely Inspiring Places to Visit in 2018. Article by Charles McCool for McCool Travel.

Absolutely Inspiring Places to Visit in 2018

These absolutely inspiring places to visit in 2018 are suggested by professional travelers and travel industry influencers from around the world. Bookmark this list for inspiring places to visit in 2018 and beyond. Surely you have been dreaming of 2018 travel, if not already planned some trips. I certainly have been (both). Instead of simply writing another […]

Mardi Gras Lady store Lake Charles LA

Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras: Family-friendly Carnival in Lake Charles

Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras spans several days of themed parades and family-friendly events that make Lake Charles and surrounding towns a fabulous place to celebrate Carnival. Southwest Louisiana stakes its claim to the second largest Mardi Gras in the state, a fun and friendly alternative to raucous New Orleans. Our Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras visit […]