How to Save on Airfares the Easy Way

For a few weeks in 2003, USA Today asked some travel writers contribute to their Business Travel Tip feature. Rather than a single travel tip, my submission had a theme (save on airfares) with many airfare tips.

Here is the text from the published article followed by a screen shot of the article heading.

How to Save on Airfares the Easy Way

Check various routes to ensure you find lower airfares. A nonstop flight may be more or less expensive than a connecting or direct flight. Lower airfares may result from connecting in certain airports rather than others. Being a bit more creative with the routing can save you a bundle. On longer (such as transoceanic) flights, try splitting your itinerary into two separate roundtrips. For instance, lower airfares between Northeast cities and Hawaii can often be found through California (LAX, SFO, OAK). Buy separate Northeast-to-California and California-to-Hawaii roundtrip tickets; the total price can be much lower than the Northeast-to-Hawaii fare. In addition, split tickets allow consumers to select preferred airlines and create a stopover vacation.

It pays (saves!) to shop around. Sometimes lower airfares are offered by certain websites, travel agents, or directly from the airline.

When you see a fantastic fare price, such as during a fare war (which can be up to nine months before flying), make your plans. You might not find better deals as the travel date approaches. When the fare drops, however, most airlines allow consumers to rebook and receive a travel voucher for the difference (as long as seats are available).

Charles McCool, author, Winning the Airfare Game, gathers advice for life on the road from travel experts each week.

Save on Airfares by Charles McCool in USA Today
Save on Airfares by Charles McCool in USA Today

How many of these “save on airfares” tip are still appropriate, 12 years later? How many have you used?

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  1. you mention that most airlines allow traveler to rebook and receive a voucher for the air fare difference. How about cancellation fees from most of the airlines these days. Do the airlines forgive cancellation fees
    in these cases!


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