In Search of Glowing Recommendations

In Search of Glowing Recommendations

Between Yelp, Chowhound, asking the right questions, and exploring, I feel that I have a knack for finding great places to eat in unfamiliar towns.

first class meal of wrap sandwich with couscous salad
McCool Travel: Dining Tip

Yesterday, I had lunch with Anne. She operates Regali Jewelry (check it out).

Our conversation included Charlottesville, Virginia. Anne mentioned my recents posts (including Ace BBQ) and said I probably have been to Christian’s Pizza.

In fact I have not!

Anne said she almost always goes to Christian’s Pizza when she is in Charlottesville. A glowing recommendation.

I like glowing recommendations. Especially from persons whose opinions I respect; like, for me, Anne.

A glowing recommendation from a trusted friend is my Holy Grail.

In fact, I cannot wait to return to Charlottesville, specifically to try Christian’s Pizza.

Recommendations through Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, tourist office person, etc.—even if glowing—are potentially dubious.

What are your best sources for dining and travel tips? Do you have any glowing recommendations?

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