Pittsburgh Road Trip

Yesterday, I made a quick road trip to Pittsburgh. I was only able to spend four hours there.

It was a gorgeous afternoon in Pittsburgh, which made it even more difficult to spend so little time. One person on Twitter said that such lovely days were a rarity. It was only my fourth visit to Pittsburgh and by far the best weather.

Most of the four hours were for an organized tour of Carnegie Mellon University (with my daughter)—along with getting to and from the parking area. The rest of the time was spent exploring nearby Schenley Park and a portion of the University of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Road Trip

One of the first things we saw was this gorgeous piece of art.

Pittsburgh road trip: Carnegie Mellon University art
Carnegie Mellon University art

Although red is the prominent official color on CMU clothing, uniforms, and the fields, the unofficial “color” is plaid. This is a tribute to their Scottish heritage. Their official mascot is a Scottish terrier.

Pittsburgh road trip: Carnegie Mellon field
Carnegie Mellon University field

Indeed it was a gorgeous day.

Pittsburgh road trip: Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University

A short walk from the CMU campus is the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Pittsburgh road trip: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Just past the museum is the Schenley Plaza portion of the larger Schenley Park. On this day the 5 acre plaza was filled with sunbathers.

Pittsburgh road trip: Schenley Plaza
Schenley Plaza – Pittsburgh

Adjacent to Schenley Plaza is the massive tower, the Cathedral of Learning.

Pittsburgh road trip: Cathedral of Learning
Cathedral of Learning – Pittsburgh

Exploring the University of Pittsburgh campus a bit, we discovered the Geology and Planetary Science Department. They had a nice public display of minerals and semi-precious gems. This large example rivaled anything I have seen at museums.

Pittsburgh road trip: University of Pittsburgh geology
University of Pittsburgh geology

Of course, I will find those humorous signs. Vey precise start and end times!

Pittsburgh road trip: University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh

Across the street from Schenley Plaza, in the Posvar Hall building, remains (in place) the home plate from the final game at Forbes Field. Forbes Field was the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates professional baseball team through 1971. Home plate is embedded in the floor for all to see. Bricks in front of Posvar Hall mark the line of the old left field wall.

Pittsburgh road trip: Forbes Field - Pittsburgh
Forbes Field – Pittsburgh

All that exploring made us hungry. Following a friend’s tip, we ate at The Porch, in Schenley Plaza. We sat outside and had great views of the Cathedral of Learning and Schenley Plaza (the plaza photo above was actually from my seat).

We shared a pizza and bowl of ravioli. Loved the pizza presentation, and it was delicious.

Pittsburgh road trip: The Porch
The Porch – Pittsburgh

Then, following advice from our server, I skipped the usual route leaving town and meandered along surface streets. We were able to see some of Pittsburgh’s great neighborhoods (the CMU tour guide said there are 90 distinct neighborhoods) before entering the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Monroeville.

I would have preferred to spend more time exploring Pittsburgh but our schedules did not allow it. However, I will return and would like to know your favorites.

What should I visit on my next Pittsburgh road trip? 

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