8 Great Sights of New Orleans Louisiana

These 8 great sights of New Orleans represent many cool, fun, and happy things to see in Crescent City. New Orleans Louisiana is one of the great cities of USA and the world. With its melting pot of cultures, people, architecture, cuisine, and music, New Orleans will interest pretty much anyone.

8 Great Sights of New Orleans

Arriving in New Orleans

Arriving by airplane, you will first see a Louis Armstrong statue and this gorgeous mural in the small New Orleans airport terminal. New Orleans is considered the birthplace of jazz and naming the airport after Louis Armstrong pays homage to one of Crescent City’s most famous citizens.

colorful jazz mural: great New Orleans sights
sights of New Orleans Louisiana: Louis Armstrong airport

Getting Around New Orleans

One way to get around New Orleans is the efficient trolley. Notice that it is clean, empty (probably not on Mardi Gras!), and frequent (two oncoming cars).

inside of New Orleans cable car
sights of New Orleans Louisiana: New Orleans trolley

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans pride is everywhere. And New Orleans Saints pride is everywhere in Crescent City. Who Dat gonna beat dem Saints?

US flag with New Orleans colors and fleur de lis
sights of New Orleans Louisiana: New Orleans Saints flag

New Orleans Style

New Orleans style is also prevalent. How about this for your next Christmas tree?

pink feather Christmas tree is a colorful thing to see in New Orleans
New Orleans style: pink feather Christmas tree

Voodoo Culture in New Orleans

This is one of the three possible burial locations of Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen. The 3 x’s indicate someone has placed an offering and requested something (usually a love spell). The 3 x’s are circled when the request is granted.

Marie Laveau (Voodoo Queen) grave in New Orleans
Marie Laveau’s grave in St Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans

Celebrities in New Orleans

This burial site is owned by Nicholas Cage, one of many celebrities, authors, and famous people who have an affinity for New Orleans Louisiana.

Nicholas Cage pyramid tomb in New Orleans
things to see in New Orleans: Nicholas Cage pyramid tomb

St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans

New Orleans has the oldest cathedral in North America. Party today and atone tomorrow.

St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
places to visit in New Orleans New Orleans Louisiana: St Louis Cathedral

New Orleans Porches

Throughout the French Quarter, porches are adorned with elaborate iron work and decorated with plants. On Mardi Gras, Sugar Bowl and Super Bowl, and other party dates, find the porches filled with beads—and partiers!

French Quarter New Orleans iron porches
things to see in New Orleans: French Quarter iron porches

What are some of your favorite sights of New Orleans?

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