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Morocco Market

Morocco Markets

Although I was there only three full days, I spent much of that time visiting exciting Morocco markets, medinas, and casbahs. Here are some photos. At the end, some of the pictures might be sensitive. I will give a warning when you should stop. Morocco Markets Since I arrived in Marrakech (aka Marrakesh) in the […]

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To App or Not To App

In Old School Trip Planning, I said that I would not use any apps on my trip to Morocco. How did I do? Well, I succeeded. I visited Morocco without using apps and made it home in one piece. I did pre-trip research in guidebooks and online, so I had a basic plan for my […]

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Currency Trading

I was short 5 Dirhams (less than 1 US dollar) for my last night’s hotel room in Casablanca. I had just arrived on the train from Marrakech and was flying to Madrid the next morning. It was after 6pm and the nearby Cambios were closed. The hotel clerk said there were no nearby ATMs and […]


Cheap Hotels? How about FREE lodging?

Finding hotel discounts is great. Even better is FREE lodging. Indeed, you can travel anywhere in the world and drastically cut or even eliminate lodging expenses. How does that sound? I have known about Couchsurfing for many years but finally decided to participate on my recent trip to Morocco. Couchsurfing Basics Couchsurfing (CS) has over […]

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8 Great Travel Lessons

I just returned from a short trip to Morocco and Madrid. I did not have to travel thousands of miles to learn these travel lessons but the trip helped reinforce them. 8 Great Travel Lessons Limit Research. Too much planning results in less fun. Be spontaneous. See what happens. Before the trip, I spent too […]