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places to visit in Northumberland

8 Great Places to Visit in Northumberland

Have you been to Northumberland? Northumberland is the most remote and least populated county in England, which made it very appealing to me. Occupying the northeast corner of the country, Northumberland has been labelled the most tranquil place in England. Travel north or west and you reach Scotland. Just south of Northumberland is Newcastle and Cumbria while the […]

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England

Seems pretty evident but the name Newcastle is very literal. Newcastle means a new castle. Newcastle has long been a strategic location for fortresses, dating back to the Romans in the 1st-3rd century AD. In the 11th century, the Norman conquerors built a wooden castle on the site of the Roman ruins, the “new castle” providing the best possible protection at […]