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#FunTravelChat is a Twitter chat to promote travel happiness, inspire people to travel (more, cheaper, better, longer), and help create better travelers.

#FunTravelChat – Fun Travel Chat, New Twitter Travel Chat

Welcome to the #FunTravelChat era. You know how I love my Twitter travel chats, right? I have found great travel deals, met amazing people, won travel prizes, merchandise, and gift cards in Twitter chats—but mostly Twitter chats are fun for me. What is #FunTravelChat? #FunTravelChat* is a new Twitter travel chat, hosted by myself (@CharlesMcCool) […]

Amazing Travel Tips

Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest, Oh My

Unlike almost every travel blogger I know, I do not produce and publish travel articles WHILE I am traveling. So, for the next few days, the McCool Travel blog will be relatively quiet. I do have a travel profile going up on Thursday, which you will not want to miss. However, I will be very […]

Travel Signs for #FriFotos

This week’s #FriFotos theme is #Signs and veteran McCool Travel readers will recognize this topic from several prior posts. Signs 8 Great Travel Signs 8 More Great Travel Signs 8 Great BBQ Signs 8 More great BBQ Signs 8 Great Beach House Signs 8 Great Beach House Signs Part 2 Fun With Typo Signs Then there is my Pinterest […]

#FriFotos #FoodArt

Twitter #FriFotos #FoodArt

#FriFotos #FoodArt This week’s #FriFotos theme is #FoodArt and I may contribute these images today. Please see my prior article about #FriFotos for more information #FriFotos on Twitter. Do you have any arty food photos? Follow McCool Travel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn.

McCool Travel: Dining Tip

In Search of Glowing Recommendations

In Search of Glowing Recommendations Between Yelp, Chowhound, asking the right questions, and exploring, I feel that I have a knack for finding great places to eat in unfamiliar towns. Yesterday, I had lunch with Anne. She operates Regali Jewelry (check it out). Our conversation included Charlottesville, Virginia. Anne mentioned my recents posts (including Ace BBQ) and said […]

Authentic Mexican (not Taco Bell)

Best Source for Authentic Travel Tips is …

WHO you ask for travel tips makes a huge difference. A few times in Twitter chats I have mentioned the worst travel advice I ever heard. I overheard a volunteer visitor center worker suggest Taco Bell for Mexican food in Monterey, California. Gasp. What is an Authentic Travel Tip? So, Taco Bell is not my […]

8 Great Holiday Air Travel Tips

It is no secret that flights during the year end holiday season are stressful. Flights are more packed (more people), there is less onboard space (more bulky clothes and carryon gifts), and security lines are longer (because “novices” are flying). I have shared many holiday air travel tips in recent Twitter chats and figured it […]

8 Great Ways to Get Free Lodging in New York City

Originally posted September 6, 2010 on Travelskills.blogspot.com. Tomorrow I (and many others) begin a month of travel using JetBlue‘sAll-You-Can-Fly pass. One destination I want to visit is New York City. That is convenient, since New York’s JFK airport is a JetBlue hub and their HQ. Some say New York City is the greatest city in the world. I recently saw Travel […]