Create Your Own Airplane Travel Kit with In-Flight Essentials

Create your own airplane travel kit with in-flight essentials, and you will have an easy-to-handle bag that saves time and stress on every flight. I keep these flight essentials ready to go, in a separate bag I call my Airplane Success Kit.

My in-flight travel kit includes items I am likely use at my seat, during the flight. These travel packing essentials are also useful once I reach my hotel, cruise, Airbnb, or other destination.

Pack travel essentials for the plane in an organized and easy to handle bag, and you will save time and stress on every flight.
Pack travel essentials for the plane in an organized and easy to handle carry on bag, and you will save time and stress on every flight.

McCool Travel Disclosure: We purchased these items and were not compensated for recommending them. If you purchase an item using links in this article, I may earn a small commission but at no additional cost to you.

handy items to bring in an in-flight success kit
Your custom Airplane Travel Kit is packed with airplane essentials

There are three big advantages to packing airplane essentials in a separate airplane travel kit:

  1. Saves time at home preparing for your trip. Just grab your pre-packed kit of in-flight essentials and put it in your carry-on bag. When you return home, recharge any items that need it, and put them back in the kit ready for your next flight.
  2. Saves time and hassle when you board your flight. There is nothing relaxing about boarding today’s over-crowded flights. Everyone is jockeying for overhead space and you do not want to be the person who holds up the line. When I reach my airline seat, I grab my airplane travel kit and water bottle and I am in my seat.
  3. No need to access your larger carry-on bag during flight. It is so annoying to get settled and buckled in, only to realize you need something from your larger bag. Then you have to hop up and dig things out of the overhead compartment, or wrestle with the bag wedged under the seat in front of you. Easy access to your airplane essentials is especially nice when you are in a window or middle seat with limited space and no overhead access.

Airplane Essentials: What to Include in Your Airplane Travel Kit

An Airplane Travel Kit includes all of the in-flight essentials for the plane
An Airplane Travel Kit includes all of the in-flight essentials for the plane

My list of carry-on essentials for the plane includes must-pack items that are always in my Airplane Success Kit. A convenient shopping and packing list is included below.

BOSE Noise-cancelling Headphones

My BOSE noise-cancelling headphones are the best travel splurge I ever purchased. I have the earbud wired version, but BOSE also offers over-ear options. Keep in mind that the over-ear headphones are going to take a lot more space in your kit. It is incredible how much of the background noise these headphones cancel out—crying babies, loud talkers, snoring seat-mates.

You do not even have to plug these headphones into a device to get noise-blocking benefits. Just put in the earplugs, turn them on, and the noise dims. The sound quality is excellent. Use them with your smartphone, tablet, or computer to watch movies, listen to music, or play your favorite white noise or meditation app.

Reading Glasses or Cheaters

If you are of a certain age, like me, you may need a pair of reading glasses for reading on the plane. On my last flight, I broke mine out to read on-screen text at the end of a movie I watched on my iPhone.

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

I spent two years using the skimpy eye masks handed out on International flights before finally buying my own. Silly me. A nice silky eye mask makes all the difference when you are trying to catch a nap during flight or in your hotel room.

The same is true for ear plugs. Buy soft travel ear plugs and do not rely on the freebies you pick up along the way.

Phone Plug and Cord

Some planes have outlets or USB ports at each seat. Include a small phone charger and cord  in your Airplane Travel Kit to keep your phone or tablet charged while you watch movies or play games during flight.

When traveling with someone you could bring a 2-cord charger, but remember your goal is to keep things in your flight essentials kit small. Probably better to have each traveler take their own small charger.

Portable Device Charger

If your airplane seat does not have an outlet, you can use a portable charger as a back-up. Look for a lipstick-size portable charger. Avoid chargers with external power buttons that might get accidentally turned on when it is in your essentials kit.

Smaller Airplane Essentials for Use In Flight

Airplane essentials mini-kit holds smaller items.
Airplane essentials mini-kit holds smaller items.

I pack a mini-kit of several essentials that I may need during flight. My airplane essentials mini-kit is in an 8 x 5 inch zippered mesh bag. A plastic baggie would do in a pinch, but a zippered mesh is sturdier. Pack the mini-kit with small items that you do not want floating around or falling out of the bigger blag. This is what I pack in my flight essentials mini-kit:

  • Antibacterial Wipes: Wipes are better than liquid because you can use them to clean your tray table, arm rests, etc. Ideally, get ones that are individually packaged so they will not dry out between flights. Save the ones you get at restaurants and hotels for your next flight.
  • Cleaning and Makeup Remover Wipes: Handy for a quick refresher during or after your flight (even if you do not wear make-up).
  • Travel toothbrush and toothpaste and floss: I carry a tiny red container of toothpaste and skinny toothbrush that I got on an international flight. When it gives out I am going to buy the Dr. Plotka travel toothbrush my husband uses. Avoid disposable toothbrush options, the planet does not need more trash.
  • Lip Balm: I like Softlips because it is extra-skinny but any lip balm will do. Those airplane cabins are so dry!
  • Kleenex: The smaller Kleenex travel pack you can find the better.
  • Cough drops or hard candies: Sucking on a hard candy during descent can help offset ear pressure. If you are congested when you fly, take a small nasal spray to use before descent. Be sure it is under 3 ounces (100 ml) and packed with your fluids when you go through security.
  • Throw in a bandaid and a few Immodium, Pepcid, and GasX and you will be prepared for minor in-flight emergencies. Add ear plugs if you do not have headphones.
  • Include a small comb and/or brush and a hair tie if you use them.
  • Pen and pencil: That in-flight crossword puzzle might need some attention.
  • Priority Pass card, which gives travelers access to select airport lounges. You do not need the pass during flight, but since you only use it at airports, this is a handy place to keep it. We get the Priority Pass free with our Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card.

Large Silk Scarf

You may want to include a lightweight scarf or pashmina that can double as a blanket on your flight. If you are flying overnight, the airline will provide a blanket. I generally include a scarf in my airplane travel kit only if I am going to need it at my destination.

Book, Tablet or Reader

I generally take an old-school print book on flights (Bill Bryson is a travel favorite). Substitute your iPad or favorite tablet if you prefer digital books.


Are snacks really a travel essential? For me they are! That tiny airline bag of dry pretzels is not going to get me through most flights. There is always room in an Airplane Success Kit for a little trail mix, granola bar, or other small snack.

Sadly, I keep chocolate to a minimum in my kit because I like to include things that do not melt. If you decide not to eat during the flight, long-lasting snacks will not need to be unpacked before the next trip.

Credit Card and Cell Phone

I usually move these from my purse to my in-flight success kit just before boarding. The credit card is handy if you decide to purchase food or a drink during your flight. And we always need our cell phones, right? It is handy for entertainment, white noise, and getting in touch with folks during that seemingly endless time between landing and deplaning.

Refillable Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle will not fit inside your kit, but it is definitely a travel essential. I really like the pop-up spout on my Contigo water bottle. The hubs prefers the LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle, which has a built-in filter so you can use it even where water quality is poor. Add a couple of reusable metal straws so you can avoid disposable plastic ones.

Reusable water bottles and metal straws
Reusable water bottles and metal straws

In most countries there is just no reason to buy bottled water. Bring your own bottle to stay hydrated and help the planet. See our Tips for Organizing Your Gear below for ideas on what to do with your bottle in-flight.

More Carry-on Essentials for Overseas Flights and Long-Haul Flights

Your air travel kit may change a bit when you are packing airplane essentials for long-haul and overnight flights. International travel essentials are very similar with a couple of important additions.

  • Add your passport and any required travel documents (i.e. Visas) to your in-flight kit when you are packing carry-on essentials for overseas flights. You may need that passport info to fill out country entry documents.
  • You could add an International Travel Adapter if you will be flying on non-US airlines, but they can be bulky and many planes have USB ports at each seat. Better to leave the adapter in your carry0on bag and rely on your backup charger if needed.
  • Bring a neck pillow if you are traveling overnight or on a long flight. Your pillow will not fit in your air travel kit, so remember to grab it from your carry-on when you get to your seat. I have a great Cloudz Neck Pillow with a snap that makes it easy to hang off of my back-pack. It does not take up room inside my carry-on, and I can grab it quickly once I reach my seat.
More travel essentials for long-haul flights
More travel essentials for long-haul flights

Packing Your Air Travel Essentials: 3 Steps to Airplane Success Kit Travel Happiness

I use an expandable 8 x 10-inch packing cube for my airplane travel kit. It has a mesh front so it is easy to see items. There are two zippers. One zipper opens the bag on 3 sides. The second zipper expands the bag. so you can fit more inside.

I have not found the exact bag online but this TravelSmith Packing Cube is pretty close. To pack the kit:

  1. Unzip the expander zipper and add scarf and book or tablet.
  2. Add all other items on top of the book and close main zipper.
  3. Close expander zipper to make the bag as small as possible.

Voila! Your bag is packed and you are ready to fly.

Start packing your airplane essentials kit with the scarf and book.
Start packing your airplane essentials kit with the scarf and book.
Then add everything else on top.
Then add everything else on top.

Airplane Travel Kit Packing and Shopping List

Here is a handy packing and shopping list for your airplane essentials.

More Tips for Organizing Your Gear During Flight

Airplane essentials during flight
handy airplane travel kit during flight

In the good old days, seat pockets were pretty roomy and could easily fit your Airplane Success Kit. If the seat pocket is too skimpy on your flight, prop the bag on the floor (hold on to it during take-off and landing).

I use my kit as a platform for my phone when I watch movies during flight. Put your tray table down (once in flight), put the airline magazine on it, then put the success kit on top. Shift the items inside around until your phone is balanced for movie watching. This works even better if you have a PopSocket on your phone case.

Here are two travel tips for managing your water bottle during flight:

  1. Loosen the cap of your water bottle before you take off. If the cap is tight, pressure will build during the plane’s ascent. When you open your bottle at elevation, the water will spray out and give you
    (or someone nearby)a surprise soak.
  2. Since your cap is loose, it is essential to keep the bottle upright so it does not leak. Keep your water bottle upright by putting it inside your shoe. If you do not want to take off your shoes, try to wedge the bottle between a seat support and your airplane travel kit.

As a travel writer, I am a very frequent flyer. I am also devoted to carry-on only travel and to reducing the stress of flying. I have developed my Airplane Success Kit strategy over time, adjusting any time I found myself missing something during flight.

Your list of essentials may be different from mine, but anyone can use this strategy for packing travel essentials for the plane. If you fly with children, you might want to create airplane travel kits for each of them as well.

What did we miss? Let me know your inflight essentials tips. Whatever you include in your air travel kit, we wish you happy travel on every flight.

The Airplane Success Kit name was inspired by our friends at Visit Lake Charles. When they host media visits, they carry a success kit in the van to handle unexpected emergencies. Consider a visit to Lake Charles for their family-friendly Mardi Gras (second largest Mardi Gras in Louisiana), the fun-filled Louisiana Pirate Festival, or to relax at the L’Auberge Casino Resort.

Article by Julie McCool, whose Northern Virginia travel site helps locals and visitors find fun places to explore, dine, drink, and play in the Virginia, Washington DC, and mid-Atlantic area. 

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Pack travel essentials for the plane in an organized and easy to handle bag, and you'll save time and stress on every flight.

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  1. I’d suggest some nut free snacks as I’ve been on flights where there has been a passenger with a nut allergy. I’ve been unable to eat my snacks that have been calling me!

  2. Great list! For long haul flights I also include: a thick pair of sleep socks, hand lotion that smells good (always a nice mid-flight pick-me-up), face lotion

  3. I saw you recommended that contigo water bottle and laughed out loud. That’s the exact one I took on my honeymoon, but I didn’t even consider the pressure issue. I’m forever grateful that the lady seated next to me was a good sport about the impromptu shower she and I had when I went to take my first sip 😂

  4. I’ve heard about noise-cancelling headphones before, but you’re really making good selling points. I think I might buy a pair, in which case I’ll use your website for the purchase. Eye mask and ear plugs sounds like a cool idea too… an idea that came rather as a surprise… Ellie & I are the opposite so far: we keep airplane eye masks to use them at home or for other travels… now I feel ashamed having said it haha…

  5. Great advice – I try and keep the things I want to have access to on the flight – in a separate bag so I don’t have to keep going in and out of my hand luggage.✈️

  6. My kit bag has a little loop on the zipper corner so I pur a carabiner clip on it & clip my bag to the outside of the seat back pocket. That way I never have to dig for ky kit in tje sides of my seat, it’s always right there, dangling from the seat back pocket.

  7. GREAT idea, Charles! I’ve been doing this for a while, although my kit is a little smaller (I somehow always forget a water bottle, maybe I need to buy a designated one). Saves so much time and hassle pre-trip and on the plane.

  8. I also include a (used, but clean) plastic grocery or store bag, because I can’t stand a tray full of debris generated when consuming airplane meals. My used Kleenex, wipes & their packaging, and whatever else goes into it. I either hand it off to an attendant toward the end of my flight, or toss it an airport bin as I disembark.

    Thanks for your great list–I’m always looking for new tips and making revisions to my system.

  9. We’re always looking for better ways to manage things we’ll need or want during those really long hauls especially antibacterial wipes and the all important noise cancelling headphones. The filter water bottle/straw will be a new addition.

    • Glad you could find something new on our list. And yes, noise cancelling headphones make such a difference on flights.

  10. What a great list of items to pick and choose from! I prepare a smaller version and pack it in a logo bag that I call pull out of my carry-on and keep with me at my seat while the carry-on goes in the overhead bin.

    • Yes, that’s just what we do. It’s so convenient when you don’t have to dig around for things as you reach your seat.

  11. This was such a timely post for me as I’m off on a long haul soon and again later in the year. I always forget something in my hand luggage, especially having a separate bag handy under the seat. I’m Pinning this for future reference and sharing on SM.

  12. Include a menthol lip balm. Rub it on your top lip close to nostrils and it helps block out odors. Also use it on your temples if you have/get a headache.

  13. Definitely go with that filter water bottle Charles because the water on flights is generally not too great and sometimes filthy. I wondered why I regularly felt sick after long haul flights, my stomach in distress. Turns out I read how unless the water is bottled, you are drinking tap from the country or city of origin. Even when the water is boiled for tea or coffee, Bangkok water ain’t too good LOL. So goodness you need a bottle water filter if you ask for a cup of water, if bottles aren’t available for some reason.

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