Travel Tip: Eat Like a Local and Save Money

Yesterday, here in Northern Virginia, the temperature almost hit 70 degrees.

Tonight it will probably snow.

The inevitable, upcoming cold weather makes me think of the warm places I traveled to in 2011. This year I was fortunate to visit beaches in North Carolina and Florida but one highlight was Morocco.

In Casablanca, Joel (my CouchSurfing host) said I must try a local drink.

Eat Like a Local and Save Money

Here is a picture of it.

colorful fruit smoothie in Casablanca Morocco
Eat Like a Local

This drink is a blend of five different fruits, I was told. I definitely picked out four unique colors. Four or five, does not matter. This drink was incredible.

First, I never ever would have found the place that served this drink on my own. It was a small sidewalk cafe on a hidden street in a mostly residential area somewhere near the Twin Center. I might be able to find the place again and definitely hope to have the chance to do so.

Second, I would have never tried the drink because it supposedly maybe perhaps had avocado in it. I do NOT like avocado. Being adventurous, I had to try it. If this drink had avocado in it, well, I am a fan of Moroccan avocado.

Third, it is obviously a work of art as well as a nutritious, fresh, and refreshing beverage.

Fourth, the price was seriously right. I paid 25 Dirhams for two drinks (for Joel and I) and a little tip. The exchange rate at the time was around 9 Dirhams to the US dollar. So, each drink was under $1.50. Brilliant!

Joel was my inside source for other deals, also. A hole in the wall shop had shawarmas for 7 Dh. I paid around 40 Dh two days later in Marrakech for a skimpier version. A glass of mint tea was only 1 Dh on the beach. The same mint tea costs 40 Dh at the Casablanca Hyatt.

Here is where we had the mint tea. Fantastic location.

Casablanca Morocco beach

It is good to have an inside source when visiting unfamiliar destinations. A local resident knows where to find the best food at the best prices.

For future trips, try to contact someone living there or at least get insider tips from message boards.

Eat like a local: Happy eating, happy travels, and save money!

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog by chance – love it! Will be going to Morocco soon, definitely check us out if you’re planning on Egypt in the near future.

  2. It’s always so much better to find out where the locals eat. The main touristy places have horrible food at ridiculous prices.

  3. One amazing trick to a wonderful experience is to have the inside track—how can you see the place as a resident does! So many people miss opportunities like this! Good for you!

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