Active Leisure: Amazing Walking Tours in Australia

Active Leisure: Amazing Walking Tours in Australia

One of the popular trends in the last ten years is active leisure. Many active leisure centres experience rise in their membership with more and more people are interested in this kind of activity. It is also one of the growing tourist trends in a couple of years, with international visitors coming especially to Australia for this purpose.

As one of the oldest and simplest active leisure activities, walking has gained the top spot among all other forms. It is appropriate for almost anyone, and the health benefits are enormous and very significant for body and mind. This increased popularity of walking created wonderful, new opportunities for people to experience other countries in a unique and refreshing way.

You may already met Australia through numerous articles praising its natural beauties and rich culture. However, walking tours in Australia are an amazing way to meet this country and its scenery. With pearl beaches and unique ecosystem, Australia is one of the most desirable destinations for walking in the world. So, when in the Land Down Under, look for the tours that will take you to the following amazing places for hiking.

Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires in Tasmania allows you to combine bushwalking with water sports like swimming and scuba diving. This gorgeous landscape has myriad of attractions to see on the way like the town of St Helens being the most representative fishing settlement and on one of the walking paths.

The scenery is so engaging that you will barely notice how much time has passed on your walks. From the orange boulders to the truly amazing animal life, you will experience one of the best Australian ecosystems in just a couple of days. The Bay consists of the Mount Williams National Park and Fires Conservation Area with untouched landscapes and pure waters. The best time to try this trek is from October to May since that is the time with best temperatures to combine water sports and hiking.

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Larapinta Trail

Larapinta Trail is a very challenging 223 km long trek in the West MacDonnell Range. It will take you from two to three weeks to finish the hike so it’s not for beginners. The appeal of this trek lies in the scenery which many hikers referred to as “jaw-dropping.” You will have to plan for enough rests and meals to keep you well to finish the trail, but it is well worth it and will only boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Scenic Rim Trail

As the name suggests, Scenic Rim Trail will show you the best attributes of the Main Range National Park in Queensland. It is a wonderful example of how the indigenous people connect to the nature around them. This is a unique opportunity to meet the rituals and traditions of Australia’s indigenous population while also enjoying volcanic formations, forests and mountains. Those who want to get to know Australia on a more profound and deeper level, this is a great place to start.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains trek is one of the hottest destinations for walking and hiking. Besides being popular with tourists, it is also a wonderful spot to stretch the legs and join a walking tour. The area includes Empress Falls a beautiful waterfall where you can rest and have lunch, as well as many swimming holes where you can take a refreshing dip.

The unique sound of the lyrebirds and subtle sounds of the creek water will relax you and make the walk more agreeable. The mountain scenery is breathtaking and you shouldn’t miss the Three Sisters rock formation above the Jamison Valley. The Aboriginal legend says that three sisters were turned to stone by one of the elders in order to protect them from being kidnapped and forcefully married. Unfortunately, the elder died in the battle and since no one could turn them back to the human form, they remained enclosed in stone.

Arkaba Walk

It would be a shame to come to Australia and not see one of its most famous inhabitants – the kangaroos. This is why the Arkaba Walk in South Australia is perfect for those wanting to enjoy famous Australian wildlife. As a bonus, you will also be able to see some of the spectacular scenery since this terrain has a 600 years old rich, geological history. The terrain is harsh, but camping under the night sky will help you reflect yourself in a more spiritual way.

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Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles Walk in Victoria is a trail full of wildlife and bushland which showing you how different natural beauties of Australia can coexist. It goes along the coastline and you can see experience almost every part of nature here, from rainforests to beaches. This is the home of koalas and wallabies, as well as fur seals so you will certainly be overwhelmed with cuteness.

This scenery is something you can see when travelling down the Great Ocean Road, but it is more amazing and personal during the walk. Twelve Apostles are limestone cliff statues which are a unique tourist attraction here with only eight of them left and in danger to collapse.

Final thoughts

Since cardiovascular diseases are on the rise due to the demanding and sedentary jobs most of the people have, active leisure can help you change that. It is a wonderful combination of tourism and healthy activity that will win over even the ones who are not too fond of physical strain. With so many magical locations in Australia, you will certainly find the best trail for you to come here.

Have you visited Australia? What are your favorite walking tours in Australia?

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