8 Great Reasons NOT to Travel

While I envision that people work and look forward to some grand vacation, apparently not. Even though I think it is mistake NOT to travel, I will brainstorm possible reasons not to travel, told from the viewpoint of a fictitious US worker. Only 38% of USA residents have a passport and USA workers use only 51% of vacation time.

8 Great Reasons NOT to Travel

1. Cannot Travel Because I Love Work

Taking a trip means missing the office gossip, football pools, birthday celebrations, water cooler chit chat, and lunches. [Ed. Note. Perhaps you are involved in a secret affair. Shhh, I will not tell.]

I love my work
I love my work: photo from davidkirkaldy.com

2. I cannot miss work

I am so essential to my company, or at least think I am, that I cannot take any time off. Or, I amassed so much student loan debt that I cannot afford to take a vacation and must keep working. [Ed. Note. Ahhh, the American Dream.]

3. I do not like change

Home to work to gym—or bar or wherever—to home. Infinite repeat. That is my routine and it works fine. I do not need to see any new places.

4. The world is scary

The news always shows scary things happening around the world so I will just stay in my comfortable surroundings. I am sure that foreigners would like nothing more than to harm me. My grandfather / great uncle / whoever fought in a war and said there is no greater place in the world than good ole USA. That is good enough for me.

reasons not to travel
world is scary: photo from lastlemon.com/harolds-planet/hp5212/

5. USA is perfect

God bless America, He shed his grace on us and all that. Why go anywhere else?

reasons not to travel
Land of the free, home of the brave. Why go elsewhere?

6. Travel Hassles

Security lines are too long, I will have to take off my shoes, they may search me, and other people are clueless. Then the airplane is horrible—seats are too cramped, people are smelly, flight attendants are unfriendly, I have to fight for overhead storage space, and I have to pay for everything.

reasons not to travel
no one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded

7. Travel is expensive

If I go somewhere, I need to stay in an expensive, safe place so that I will not be kidnapped by rebels. I will probably eat in my fancy hotel restaurant since the street vendors, food markets, and grocery stores do not have the same high standards as places near my house.

8. Travel will make me sick

Everyone gets sick when flying cross the ocean. If I am lucky to survive the flight, then I will catch some disease from a cab driver, tour guide, or anyone I do not know. Don’t drink water in Mexico, don’t eat fruit in India. CDC should just tell people not to travel outside the United States.

reasons not to travel
I only buy stuff in clean, safe plastic

Do you know of any other reasons NOT to travel?

On the other hand,

Mark Twain travel quote
Mark Twain travel quote, via SnarkyNomad.com

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12 thoughts on “8 Great Reasons NOT to Travel”

  1. I think that life is too short to spend it under a “glass bell” where you are secure and nothing is ever going to happen to you. I mean, you can trip and break a leg in your own house.

    Also, people always have hundred reasons not to go (kids, money, time), but those are just excuses. If you try a bit harder, you can make it happen.

    Travel is a great way to invest in your memories. 🙂

  2. Sad but true. Here’s another one. The kids. They’re too young. They won’t remember. It’ll be too much for them, etc. My two cents on this – kids are enormously adaptable and extremely flexible. If they have their parents with them and enough to eat, they’ll be fine. I started taking our son travelling when he was 5 months old, and we have never looked back lol!

      • About traveling with kids as follow up to a previous comment. We also started our son early, at five months. He was allergic to regular milk so we took a lot of soy milk for him – for three weeks! diapers, and even a plastic tub since we were staying in camping cabins in national parks without bathrooms. When we landed in Las Vegas people thought we were moving. We visited seven national parks. It was great! Today, flying like that would cost probably additional ticket but there is always a way.

  3. People often tell me they would like to travel, but their husband/wife doesn’t want to. I say “send them a postcard”!

  4. One more – our world is so ugly, like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Banff National Park, Rome, London, Vienna, Paris! Why even bother if you can stay home and watch reality shows.

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