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sunset from Negril, Jamaica

15 Fantastic Sunrise and Sunset Photos

In the #ExpediaChat Twitter travel chat last week, Rick Griffin (a chat host) and other fun travel friends were sharing beautiful sunrise and sunset photos. I tweeted a few of my photos and, of course, everyone was in awe of my photos and said they were the best (wink wink). Anyway, I joked we should have our own […]

great travel experiences: JUCY at sunset in Pacific Grove, California

JUCY Campervan: Big Sur California Road Trip

For my latest California road trip—mostly through the Monterey Peninsula and down Big Sur—I experienced the funness of a JUCY campervan. JUCY is a New Zealand company that started operating in California about 5 years ago. JUCY USA currently has three locations: San Francisco (San Leandro), Los Angeles (Lawndale), and Las Vegas. With its eye-catching logo, color scheme, fun layout, […]

Road Trip Sign

California Road Trip Signs

Thinking about my all-time favorite road trip signs, I realized that at least three of my top five are from California. I love California and road trips in California. So, how about a quick virtual trip around the Golden State and a peek at my favorite California road trip signs? California Road Trip Signs Between […]

Great Ice Cream Places in US to Cool Off. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel.

Great Ice Cream Places in US to Cool Off

This article lists some great ice cream places around the United States. I included my favorite ice cream place and suggestions from some travel writer friends. These are merely suggestions—a starting point—and I encourage you to explore the local ice cream scene wherever you live and visit. Let me know what you discover and like. […]

American Wind Power Center, Windmill Museum, Lubbock, Texas

Fascinating Small Town Museums in Western US

This article covers museums in western US, including Alaska, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. I know there are wonderful museums in the other states but I need your help. Please suggest fascinating museums to visit in Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Washington—or any of the states for which I have entries. Thank you! Please […]

Smith Fork Ranch, Colorado: Credit Philip Van Nostrand Photography. digital detox

Travel Happy at These No-Tech Destinations

U.S. Travel Association reports that over half of US workers did not use all of their vacation days last year. In total, 222 million vacation days remained unredeemed last year. Here at McCool Travel, we like to create Happy Travelers and help solve this perplexing problem of people not taking their allotted and earned vacation time. Even when people do take […]

cool things to see in Napa California: Treasures From the Sea

Cool Free Things to See in Napa California

Napa California has some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. With rolling hills, a river running through downtown, over 700 vineyards, and an artistic mindset among the citizens, there are many fun, happy, and cool free things to see in Napa California. >>> Please also see the McCool Travel article: Cool Things […]

things to do in Torrance California. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel

Fun Things to Do in Torrance California

Please enjoy this McCool Travel summary of cool, happy, and fun things to do in Torrance California. Torrance is home to some amazing museums, hundreds of restaurants, and a magnificent stretch of California beach that is the beginning of The Strand. Torrance High School just turned 100 years old this year and serves as the […]