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8 Great Hotel Advantages (over Airbnb)

As an independent travel consumer advocate, I am not loyal to any one supplier or way of doing things. As a travel consumer, I seek value—certainly I have preferences and I recently published an article about Airbnb advantages. Here I flip the script and present hotel advantages, with some help from friends. >>> Please also read my […]

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8 Great Airbnb Advantages Over Hotels

In general, a vacation rental—whether a home, apartment, condo, boat, yurt, shared space, or other property—represent tremendous value for flexible, more adventurous travel consumers (when compared to hotels). While I have rented, and written about, vacation rentals for years, I am way overdue in discussing the biggest player in the game. Airbnb is not only the biggest […]

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6 Sensational Ways to See the World for Free

There are many ways to see the world for free. To see the world for free you might not spend any money but you will likely exchange your precious time or do some work. However, where there is a will, there is a way. In addition to the following, happy travelers might know other free travel opportunities. If so, […]

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2 Ways to Use MasterCard at Costco

Costco is a fantastic resource for travel discounts, as well as other merchandise and services. I have been a Costco member for more than 20 years and have mentioned Costco in many articles. That one thing that bothers me about Costco is that I have to pay with my American Express card (or debit card). From Costco’s website: Does Costco take MasterCard? […]

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Why I Did NOT Renew My AAA Membership

I did NOT renew my AAA membership this year. In previous McCool Travel posts I have mentioned my fondness for using AAA discounts for travel, so it might be a surprise that I canceled my AAA membership. Well, read on … AAA Membership Advantages It is only fair to point out the good points of AAA […]

6 Sensational Ways to See the World for Free

Beware the Direct Flight

Do you know the different between a connecting flight and a direct flight? Would you rather take a nonstop flight or a direct flight? There IS a difference! Beware the Direct Flight A nonstop flight is scheduled to depart from one airport and land at another. I say scheduled because sometimes a flight does not […]