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6 Sensational Ways to See the World for Free

Beware the Direct Flight

Do you know the different between a connecting flight and a direct flight? Would you rather take a nonstop flight or a direct flight? There IS a difference! Beware the Direct Flight A nonstop flight is scheduled to depart from one airport and land at another. I say scheduled because sometimes a flight does not […]

6 Sensational Ways to See the World for Free

How to Flip Your Trip to Save Big Money

Many trips I research do not have traditional round trip flights. Instead of flying into and back from the same airport, I set up flights from different airports. By using different airports, though, I must find reasonable one-way rental car rates. One recent itinerary was really interesting. Round trip open jaw flights between DC and Jacksonville/Pensacola airports cost about $220 each. There […]

11 Useful Travel Tips You Have Never Seen: Getting There

Air Travelers Holiday Wish List

I first published this “Air Travelers Holiday Wish List” in 2002. That first year, some airline employees found it and told me that they loved it and shared it with the office. Are these wishes still desired today? Are any list items worse? The following is the last verse, to be sung to the tune of the popular […]

Save on Airfares by Charles McCool in USA Today

How to Save on Airfares the Easy Way

For a few weeks in 2003, USA Today asked some travel writers contribute to their Business Travel Tip feature. Rather than a single travel tip, my submission had a theme (save on airfares) with many airfare tips. Here is the text from the published article followed by a screen shot of the article heading. How to Save on Airfares the Easy Way Check […]

Winning the Airfare Game

Resolving Flight Problems

Resolving flight problems is an empowering tool to add to your trip planning tool kit. Below are three examples of actual problems I have encountered while flying. It is an excerpt from my book, Winning the Airfare Game, published in 2001.     Resolving Flight Problems   Here are three examples of flight problems with solutions. […]

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Fun With Stopovers

Stopovers are fun and cost effective ways to create maximum travel value. With ninja planning, you can create multiple vacations from a single round trip flight purchase. Fun With Stopovers: Stopover Flights My definition of a stopover is when you spend time at an interim destination on the way to another destination. For instance, when flying from the […]

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Finding Lower Airfares, 2015 Edition

There are countless sources and strategies for finding lower airfares. Here are some of my general strategies, specific resources and tips, and links to online articles providing more information. Finding Lower Airfares, 2015 Edition General Strategies – Flexible. For best overall airfare deals, be as flexible as possible with all aspects of air travel: dates and times, […]