8 Great Travel Tips from Samantha Brown

This past weekend, I attended the DC Travel and Adventure Show where I was fortunate to spend 5 minutes each with Samantha Brown and Pauline Frommer. Read more in our Samantha Brown interview.

Yesterday, I published Travel Tips from Pauline Frommer, from one of her talks.

Samantha Brown, travel mantras
Samantha Brown, taken by me (also not a pro)

Samantha Brown also gave two talks at the show. Here are 8 Great travel tips from Saturday’s talk, “Lessons From the Road: A Life on the Go.”

  1. Accents. Ask housekeepers where they eat. Samantha learned about a great Vietnamese neighborhood in Orlando by talking to housekeepers. “Find food and places not covered by guidebooks.”
  2. Breakfast. Talk to night guardsmen for breakfast suggestions. “Night guardsmen always know where to find the best breakfasts in town.”
  3. Southeast Asia. Other than the airfare to get there, Southeast Asia is so inexpensive. She cites $10 hour-and-a-half massages, $5 perfect meals, and $100 four star hotel stays.
  4. Latin America. Europe is so steeped in history but Latin America taught her to enjoy the culture for what it is NOW.
  5. Explore. Resist the urge to overload your schedule. Take time to just walk around where people live, away from the tourist areas.
  6. Language. Learn a few key phrases in the languages where you visit. It establishes an immediate connection with the locals. Samantha speaks a little Spanish but is not fluent in any language, other than English.
  7. Solo Travel. “Do it!” People will take care of you. You have different experiences when you do not have a travel partner.
  8. Japan. Japan has the hardest culture to get to know. It is difficult to know the rules sometimes. Once you are “in,” it is great.

Can’t get enough Samantha Brown? Read more in our Samantha Brown interview.

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