#FunTravelChat – Fun Travel Chat, New Twitter Travel Chat

Welcome to the #FunTravelChat era.

You know how I love my Twitter travel chats, right? I have found great travel deals, met amazing people, won travel prizes, merchandise, and gift cards in Twitter chats—but mostly Twitter chats are fun for me.

What is #FunTravelChat?

#FunTravelChat* is a new Twitter travel chat, hosted by myself (@CharlesMcCool) and Carl Hedinger (@TravThroughLife). Click those links and follow us now! I will wait. Thank you.

#FunTravelChat is all about promoting travel happiness, inspiring people to travel (more, cheaper, better, longer), and supporting each other to become better travelers.

When is #FunTravelChat?

The inaugural—relax, that is the biggest word I will use!—#FunTavelChat will be on Monday, July 31, 2017 at 1pm EDT.**

Frequency: TBD. Will it evolve into every month, every week? We will see. Let us know what you think.

#FunTravelChat is a Twitter chat to promote travel happiness, inspire people to travel (more, cheaper, better, longer), and help create better travelers.

Why is #FunTravelChat different?

To paraphrase Humpty Hump from Arguin’ on the Funk, “It’s obviously a chat about fun and travel, it’s like you’re not even trying to be creative.” P.S. be prepared for many obscure old school music references from me.

#FunTravelChat will incorporate elements of successful chats***, introduce some new twists, and, well, we will let this puppy evolve. Carl and I started this project but you play a critical role in its direction, survival, and growth. How can it be more fun, inspirational, and informative for you?

#FunTravelChat Twist #1

5 minutes between questions is often not enough. 10 minutes is sometimes too long. We are Goldiloxxxing this MFer with 7 minutes between questions. WHAAAAAATTT? And we might change that next time, just to keep you on your toes. Hang on, #FunTravelChat will be a fun ride.

#FunTravelChat Twist #2

Heck, this one is so secret that I do not even know yet.

How to Prepare For #FunTravelChat

  • sign up for the #FunTravelChat newsletter and we will send you the questions in advance! That will help you find the appropriate photos and GIFs to share. BTW, we love GIFs. Hmmm, fun travel GIFs might be another topic.
  • follow @FunTravelChat, (@CharlesMcCool), and (@TravThroughLife) Twitter accounts.
  • join the #FunTravelChat Facebook group, where you can share your thoughts, contribute topics ideas and questions, and much more. Tell us what you want, what you really, really want.
  • put your fun hat on. Gather your fun GIFs, travel photos, and stories. Do not have any? Well, join anyway and the group will inspire you to find some.

Future of #FunTravelChat

Obviously we aspire for #FunTravelChat to eclipse (perhaps a topic for late August) other Twitter travel chats, followed by all Twitter chats of all subjects, and then to make Carl and I outrageously wealthy. Stay tuned!


* Carl Hedinger of Travel Through Life and I bounced around some ideas to create a different Twitter travel chat. More than a dozen potential chat names found the digital trashcan before #FunTravelChat popped into my head while driving.

** Carl and I live in the eastern time zone and like this time slot after lunch. A little pick me up inspiration is often needed after lunch. For our west coast friends, 10am gives you time to visit the espresso drive thru in PNW or clean up after a gnarly set of waves. For friends in other time zones around the world, we hope you join the funness. Monday is a sweet spot with little other Twitter travel chat activity. Plus, we want to cure any potential case of the Mondays. Friday funday would also work but I like the alliteration of Monday funday.

*** Travel is supposed to be fun. Right? Let other Twitter travel chats deal with travel issues, problems, and complaints.

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  1. This was a lot of fun! I’m so happy that it came together. Let’s do another? Thanks again, Charles.

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