New Orleans Plantations to Tour on Your Next Louisiana Getaway

On your next US Gulf Coast road trip and Louisiana getaway, visit these New Orleans Plantations and other fantastic New Orleans Plantation Country places.

The 120 mile stretch along the Mississippi River south from Baton Rouge once contained almost 500 New Orleans plantations. Today you can visit 10 historic plantation estates along the Great River Road in New Orleans Plantation Country—but read this entire article (please) because there is much more to see and do in addition to tours of New Orleans Plantations in this amazing #USGulfCoast destination.

Thank you to River Parishes Tourist Commission (formerly known as New Orleans Plantation Country) for hosting us—our content is crafted so our audience can make informed decisions on future trips.

Where Are New Orleans Plantations?

Getting to New Orleans Plantation Country is simple and an easy New Orleans day trip—only a 15 minute drive from New Orleans airport and 45 minutes from Baton Rouge airport.

Here is a New Orleans Plantation Country map:

Louisiana Parishes map
find New Orleans Plantations between New Orleans and Baton Rouge

By the way, I learned on one plantation tour that the term plantation means a single cash crop. New Orleans plantations were working farms (with a single cash crop like indigo) prior to 1800. Sugar was then introduced to the area and nearly New Orleans plantation (below Baton Rouge) focused on sugar harvesting. Above Baton Rouge to Natchez Mississippi were primarily cotton plantations.

Houmas House

For no other reason than to be and see where the mint julep was originally created, visit Houmas House. Only 38 of the original 300,000 acres remain and Houmas House is now popular for its lush gardens, three restaurants, and private events. Spend time at Houmas House, explore, and live the old southern lifestyle.

Visit The Turtle Bar for an original mint julep made with rum—the mint julep recipe later included bourbon when the creator John Burnside visited Kentucky.

McCool Travel tip: for a longer experience, stay on Houmas House property as I did. Details are in the Where to Stay in New Orleans Plantation Country section below.

magnificent oak trees at Houmas House Plantation Louisiana
see the glorious oaks and Houmas House Plantation Louisiana

Allow time for a house tour, during which you can see dining room chairs from the office of US President James Polk, some floor boards from 1770s (love them), a clock from Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother, and much more.

You may also recognize scenes from several television shows and movies filmed here, including Hush…, Hush Sweet Charlotte (try not to think of you know what when standing by the stairs).

McCool Travel tip: take advantage of the convenient transportation between New Orleans and Houmas House.

staircase inside Houmas House plantation
grand staircase inside Houmas House plantation

Scheduled to open in November 2019 is Louisiana’s Great River Road Museum. The museum building presents steamship history on one side and plantation history on the other. Displays in the center main area will rotate. A 120 seat theater with moving screen and 50 seat cooking kitchen enhance visitor’s experiences.

Laura Plantation

The award-winning 75 minute tour at Laura Plantation—originally known as The Duparc Sugar Plantation (or l’Habitation Duparc)—traces four generations of women who ran the plantation. Built in 1805, the plantation’s French Colonial style predates the traditional Southern style plantation (predominately Greek Revival).

During the detailed and informative guided tour, learn about the authentic French Creole culture, including the fact that many plantation families (as citizens of France) sued the US government for invading their land. The property hosts about 30% international visitors and provides three tours a day in French.

See our Laura Plantation photos.

Evergreen Plantation

As you can see in my photos below, the oak alleys are a highlight at Evergreen Plantation. In fact, these oak alleys are my McCool Travel tip secret hidden gem things to do in New Orleans Plantation Country. Save money, time, and aggravation compared to the nearby tourist trap version. By the way, oak alleys are tree-lined farm roads used to transport crops to the river. The original Evergreen Plantation oak alley was planted in 1790s and their “new alley” was planted 1949.

Truly though, the primary distinction at Evergreen Plantation is their historic preservation. Evergreen has 37 buildings (of which 22 are slave cabins) listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Their website also says, “Evergreen has its country’s highest historic designation and joins Gettysburg and Mount Vernon in being granted landmark status for its agricultural acreage.

Evergreen Plantation slave quarters
Evergreen Plantation slave quarters

Evergreen is a working farm with 400 acres of sugar cane. Productions filmed here include Roots and Django Unchained. See more of our Evergreen Plantation photos.

Destrehan Plantation

Built in 1787, Destrehan Plantation is the oldest documented plantation along the river road. The magnificent 200+ year old live oaks absolutely astonished me. Truly, I will buy a calendar of Destrehan Plantation oak tree pictures. Every year!

magnificent live oak tree at Destrehan Plantation
magnificent live oak tree at Destrehan Plantation

Destrehan started as an indigo plantation and in 1811 was the site of the largest slave revolt in US history. The same family owned the property from 1787 until the 1930s. Various oil companies then took over and eventually Amoco donated the dilapidated house and a little land to the River Road Historical Society. Thank you, Amoco! Please visit Destrehan to see the oak trees but also tour the restored house!

dining area of ground level of Destrehan Plantation
dining area of ground level of Destrehan Plantation

See the beautiful oaks of Destrehan Plantation. Destrehan Plantation is one of our top US Gulf Coast Photo Spots.

St. Joseph Plantation

About 15 minutes before my scheduled tour at St. Joseph Plantation, I drove in and saw two distinct filming groups. I learned the productions filming that day were Queen Sugar on Oprah Winfrey Network—I have always wanted to mention Oprah on my website (hi Oprah!)—and a “secret” film. Cannot wait to see if I appear in either production. Ha!

Dr. Cazamine Mericq was first person to live in the house at St. Joseph Plantation. He was a doctor in Napoleon’s France but left upon request from Gabriel Valcour Aime—called “Sugar King of the South” and “Louis XIVth of the South” and reported to be the wealthiest person in the South. After Dr. Mericq’s death, the Sugar King’s daughter Josephine (married to Alexis Ferry) took over the plantation. The adjoining plantation property was built for the other daughter—both named Felicity.

A testament to how beautiful the property is—Live Oak Society of Louisiana has certified 16 live oak trees on the St. Joseph grounds, each more than 300 years old. McCool Travel tip: if you tour New Orleans Plantations in October, be sure to check out the authentic French Creole Mourning Tour here.

See our St. Joseph Plantation photos.

Other New Orleans Plantations to Tour

Oak Alley Plantation

— popular from The Vampire Diaries, Oak Alley Plantation has an onsite restaurant and overnight cottages.

Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie Louisiana
Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie Louisiana

San Francisco Plantation

— called the most opulent plantation house in North America and registered as a National Historic Landmark, San Francisco Plantation is a great venue for events and weddings. It is currently closed but hopefully will again be open to the public in the future.

Ormond Plantation

Ormond Plantation offers public tours, lunch, dinner, and a B&B. They also host a lot of private events and weddings. I love that their website is so they must have been one of the first New Orleans Plantations to jump on the internet bandwagon.

Poché Plantation

— I am not saying that there are haunted New Orleans Plantations but Poché Plantation offers Grave Yard Tours in the fall. This plantation is unique, offering spots for campers and RVs, in addition to a B&B.

Whitney Plantation

— many visitors find Whitney Plantation the most poignant and authentic plantation experience because it is the only New Orleans Plantation 100% concentrating and presenting the slave perspective.

Where to Eat in New Orleans Plantation Country

Ormond Plantation

Fresh seafood and Cajun/Creole specialties dominate the menu at Ormond Plantation Restaurant. My local catfish was fresh and delicious.

catfish at Ormond Plantation Restaurant
catfish lunch at Ormond Plantation Restaurant

Spuddy’s Cajun Foods

Stop into Spuddy’s for unpretentious Cajun food, fellowship, and fun. Spuddy, aka “The Jambalaya Man,” makes hams around the holidays and told me one of his mottos is “garbage in, garbage out” so he uses high quality ingredients possible. Before, during, or after your meal, walk around the place and check out all the local history on the walls.

He is currently designing and refining his Cajun Cooking Experience, where guests will make their own andouille sausage and Cajun foods. German ancestors will appreciate sausage making and history, because andouille was invented in this area by German settlers. How about that!

authentic Cajun cuisine at Spuddys in Vacherie Louisiana
authentic Cajun cuisine at Spuddys in Vacherie Louisiana

Bec’s at the Lake

McCool Travel note: unfortunately, Bec’s at the Lake has permanently closed.

For friendly people and great food, Bec’s at the Lake is the place to go. Classic dilemma though. Opt for a seat at the bar where you watch the magic from George Becnel and his staff. Or sit on the porch with a peaceful view of Lake Pontchartrain. I know, go more than once and alternate.

The stuffed fish maurepas is a wise choice as is the bread pudding for dessert. See our Bec’s at the Lake photos.

Cafe Perique

A local restaurant worker strongly suggested I visit Cafe Perique in Gramercy for their remarkable donuts. Alas, I did not but it is on the list for next New Orleans day trip. It is located across the river from and near Whitney Plantation.

Other Things to Do in New Orleans Plantation Country

Cajun Pride Swamp Tour

You are guaranteed to see gators during your Cajun Pride Swamp Tour experience. If not on the boat ride then at least around their grounds before and after. But on the boat ride, I saw many gators and I am sure you will also. Oh, and Captain Tom is a riot and has the thickest Cajun accent I ever heard.

Listen to Captain Tom and see our Cajun Pride Swamp Tour photos.

The Cajun Village

Located in Sorrento, less than a mile from I-10, The Cajun Villages is a collection of traditional Acadian structures now housing craft, gift, food, and other shops. Stroll around back for a glimpse of the resident guard gators, Nubby and Big Boy. The coffee shop makes some really good beignets.

Louisiana souvenirs at The Cajun Village
Louisiana souvenirs at The Cajun Village

Historic Riverlands

Two distinct experiences await visitors to Historic Riverlands. The oldest building in the town of Reserve Louisiana was added to the National Register of Historic Places for its social, ethnic, and religious significance.

Historic Riverlands in Reserve Louisiana
Historic Riverlands in Reserve Louisiana

One experience is the “feel the spirit” story of Our Lady of Grace being the first Catholic church for African Americans in this area. Visitors can witness and immerse themselves in the history of the people and parishioners. The second experience is Soul River Music Journey covering the history of African influenced music (by enslaved and free citizens), starting in Africa and journeying to Louisiana.

Soul River Music Journey at Historic Riverlands
Soul River Music Journey at Historic Riverlands

Where to Stay in New Orleans Plantation Country

In addition to B&B and camping opportunities at New Orleans Plantations (already listed) and area chain hotels, here are a couple of places to consider for your next Cajun road trip.

Inn at Houmas House

Experience relaxed luxury across the street from the mighty Mississippi River at the Inn at Houmas House. The cottage rooms are surrounded by gardens and oaks and are located a short walk from the Houmas House and restaurants—or you can take a golf cart ride.

dragonfly pillow at Inn at Houmas House
dragonfly pillow at Inn at Houmas House

Please watch my video below from my Inn at Houmas House room.

Cajun Village Cottages

The Cajun Village Cottages are adjacent to the Cajun Village Shops. Stay in one of their historic and restored Acadian cottages, including a 2 bedroom/2 bath option that is great for a family.

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