Sensational Silicon Valley Selfie Spots to See and Be Seen At

Whether you enjoy the hit HBO Silicon Valley show, are visiting high-tech Silicon Valley, or passing through the area, you will likely take some fun selfies. Here are 6 sensational Silicon Valley selfie spots, based on my explorations when I lived in the area and recommendations from some trusted sources.

Fun Things to Do in Silicon Valley

Get Your GEEK On

Visit Google, grab one of their famous colorful bicycles, and take a selfie with an Android statue. At Facebook, the thumbs up icon is a popular selfie spot. The number “1” in front of Apple‘s main building is their most popular selfie spot. Historical geeks will want a treasured selfie in front of Steve Job’s garage (Los Altos) or birthplace of Silicon Valley sign at the HP Garage (Palo Alto).

Classic California Photo Spots

If you are visiting Silicon Valley from the East coast, you definitely should try an In-N-Out Burger. Of course there are so many amazing places to eat in Silicon Valley. In-N-Out, though, is just plain ole classicness and there are 10 locations between Belmont and Milpitas. Let me know what you think.

Silicon Valley Selfie Spots. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel.
Good Silicon Valley Selfie Spot?

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Kitschy Silicon Valley Selfie Spots

David Andre of the Santa Clara Convention & Visitors Bureau suggests the pineapple at the entrance to Mercado Santa Clara. Three Santa Clara county kitschy selfie spots I like are the Winchester Mystery House, the Libby’s tower (Sunnyvale), and the giant cat statues (Los Gatos).

Natural Photo Locations in Silicon Valley

Hug one of the tallest trees on Earth at Big Basin Redwoods State Park (Boulder Creek) or Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (Felton). Both are about 75 minutes from Silicon Valley, by way of the magnificent scenic drives of highway 17 or highway 9. Oh, yes, in both locations look for the amazing, unique, glorious, and yucky banana slug, for one selfie everyone will envy. Tag me (@CharlesMcCool on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter) so I can see it. There are countless other gorgeous natural areas, including Mount Hamilton (especially for sunsets at Grandview restaurant), Mission Peak (Fremont), and Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve (I once saw a bobcat here).

Silicon Valley Selfie Spots. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel.
redwood trees at Big Basin State Park

Artsy Silicon Valley Selfie Locations

Since you are in an exploring mood, head over to Stanford University in Palo Alto. A popular selfie spot is standing in the Oval with the Hoover Tower in the background. A local friend, Rachel, told me that the Rodin statues at the FREE on-campus museum are magnificent. Some statues are in the outside garden—including the magnificent The Gates of Hell—making them a sensational Silicon Valley selfie spot.

Religious Selfie Spots in Silicon Valley

David Andre also suggests visiting two religious selfie spots at Our Lady of Peace Shrine and Church in Santa Clara: a statue of Pope John Paul II and a 32 foot Our Lady of Peace sculpture. One of my favorite Silicon Valley sights is the 110 foot statue of Junipero Serra (Saint Junipero Serra, as of September 2015) at the Crystal Springs Safety Roadside Rest Area along highway 280.

Football Selfie Places in Silicon Valley

“Anything’s Possible,” two statues of a boy playing catch with a quarterback, are across the street from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Perhaps you will want to visit the San Francisco 49ers museum to take a selfie with their 5 Super Bowl trophies. Reminds me of the time I had a picture taken of me with two Heisman trophy winners and Hall of Famers. Ah, but I digress.

HBO Silicon Valley Filming Locations

Turns out that most Silicon Valley filming locations are in Southern California. A few exterior scenes were actually filmed in Silicon Valley. Fans of the show will enjoy reading these Goofs.

Bonus selfie spots near Silicon Valley

Of course if you have not been to San Francisco, then you simply must visit the great city. Some popular San Francisco selfie spots include Ocean Beach, hanging from a cable car, in front of the Painted Ladies, and the tiled staircase. Other road trippable places for spectacular selfie spots include the Santa Cruz boardwalk, Capitola beach, Half Moon Bay, Skyline Drive, Monterey, and Big Sur.

tiled staircase in San Francisco
San Francisco Tiled Steps
water splashing rocks in Monterey California
take a selfie with an epic scenic splash, Pacific Grove, California

What are your favorite Silicon Valley selfie spots? Any other fun Instagrammable places in Silicon Valley?

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