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To slash rental car rates, I use AutoSlash—a free online service that automatically and continually checks for lower rates and notifies me!

My process for finding the lowest rental car rates, based on years of experience and countless research, is typically check:

  • Hertz with my AAA and Entertainment discounts
  • National with Entertainment discount
  • for other discounts, deals, and promotions
  • Avis with various discounts
  • Hotwire and Priceline

Late last year I added a new step to my process for finding cheap rental cars. NOTE: since this article was published, I book most of my car rentals through Costco Travel—but I still use Autoslash as described.

slash rental car rates with Autoslash
slash rental car rates with Autoslash

To assure that I am getting the lowest car rental rates, I now use AutoSlash. AutoSlash is a FREE service.

Disclaimer: NONE. AutoSlash did not provide any incentive or information for this post. I am an independent consumer travel advocate, always interested in helping and teaching travelers to save money and have more fun.

At AutoSlash you can make new reservations or have it track existing reservations made elsewhere (like at Hertz and National). AutoSlash automatically rebooks reservations when the rate drops.

The latter might be most important because in the past I spent time rechecking the rates to see if there was a price drop. Admittedly, I did not always happen to find the lowest possible car rental rate. Now the work is done for me.

Last year when AutoSlash launched, I e-mailed my reservation information to them. Now you can enter the information on the Autoslash website. It automatically applies the discount codes and coupons you entered for your original reservation.

Two examples of AutoSlash saving me money (and time) last year.

  • For a car rental in Austin, Texas, I made a reservation with National. AutoSlash tracked it and lowered the rate to less than $20 a day (including all fees and taxes).
  • For a December car rental in Boston, I could not find a rate lower than $90 a day (before taxes and fees). Ouch! I made a reservation for a three day rental anyway. AutoSlash automatically rebooked my reservation to $85 TOTAL for three days. I was astonished.

AutoSlash is a great service, it is FREE, and everyone should use it to slash rental car rates.

Read the AutoSlash blog for more tips.

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