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AAA Membership Card

Why I Did NOT Renew My AAA Membership

I did NOT renew my AAA membership this year. In previous McCool Travel posts I have mentioned my fondness for using AAA discounts for travel, so it might be a surprise that I canceled my AAA membership. Well, read on … AAA Membership Advantages It is only fair to point out the good points of AAA […]

Billionaires Row, La Jolla, California

Filet Mignon Travel at Hamburger Prices

Filet Mignon Travel at Hamburger Prices After college graduation, I changed apartments every few months, eventually renting a room in Malaga Cove in Palos Verdes Estates. Palos Verdes is one of the most beautiful spots on earth, with extraordinarily high real estate prices to match. A softball teammate called Palos Verdes “Hamburger Hill”—because people spend […]

Entertainment Discount With Hertz

Car Rental Rates–The Numbers

Recently I booked a flight and was intrigued by the airline’s plug to use their negotiated car rental discount. Many times I have researched car car rental rates using  airlines’ codes but I always find lower rates with my codes. Will this time be different? First, I used JetBlue’s link for Hertz car rentals. Here […]

Essential Travel Skill: Save Money By NOT Picking Up Rental Cars At Airports

In previous McCool Travel blog and Facebook posts, I showed that for rental cars I typically use discounts from AAA, Entertainment books, and Costco, get great value renting from Emerald Aisle (National Car Rental) and Hertz (but sometimes use Avis or other brands), and how to use Auto Slash to further lower your rental car rate. And […]

Tips for Negotiating a Cheaper Hotel Rate

Have you ever negotiated a hotel rate? Yes, I said negotiated. By negotiating, I don’t mean simply trying to get lower hotel rates–although, that is the intent. I don’t mean applying your discount programs (AAA, Costco, Entertainment, Room Saver) to get the best possible published rate. Negotiated hotel rates are not published–or at least I […]

Do You LOVE Travel Deals?

Do You LOVE Travel Deals?

Happy Valentine’s Day. A couple of months ago I found a good hotel deal. Although we will not stay there for another two months, Julie (my valentine) asked me about it over the weekend. She saw that the current rate is $30 less than what I reserved. I pushed a couple of buttons and saved […]

Hotel Deals From Visitor Centers

When looking for hotel discounts, I sometimes find lower rates through visitor centers. I encourage you to include visitor centers in your trip planning toolbox to save money and time on future lodging searches. Here are two methods to find discounted hotel rates from visitor centers. Search Online. For Washington, DC, I sometimes find cheaper […]

Travel Tip: You Get What You Ask For

When I lived in Monterey (tough gig, but someone had to do it), one day I stopped at the Monterey visitors center. I eavesdropped for a few minutes. The staff member recommended the same couple of tourist trap seafood restaurants to several people. One man asked for a Mexican place, like Taco Bell. The worker […]