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Save on Airfares by Charles McCool in USA Today

How to Save on Airfares the Easy Way

For a few weeks in 2003, USA Today asked some travel writers contribute to their Business Travel Tip feature. Rather than a single travel tip, my submission had a theme (save on airfares) with many airfare tips. Here is the text from the published article followed by a screen shot of the article heading. How to Save on Airfares the Easy Way Check […]

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Finding Lower Airfares, 2015 Edition

There are countless sources and strategies for finding lower airfares. Here are some of my general strategies, specific resources and tips, and links to online articles providing more information. Finding Lower Airfares, 2015 Edition General Strategies – Flexible. For best overall airfare deals, be as flexible as possible with all aspects of air travel: dates and times, […]

Finding Cheap Airfares With Skyscanner

Finding Cheap Airfares With Skyscanner

I spent a bunch of time yesterday playing with researching cheap airfares on Skyscanner. I had heard of Skyscanner many times but had not actually tried it. Let me just summarize: SkyScanner is a great resource for finding cheap airfares. Finding Cheap Airfares With Skyscanner Skyscanner has a clean user interface and a powerful, comprehensive search engine. […]

McCool Travel: Airfare Example

Fly More, Pay Less

Doing some recent trip planning research I found this lovely airfare quirk. A client* wants to fly into Paris and return from London. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class is one of the contenders. One option is to add an easy London to Paris connecting flight to the upper class transatlantic flights ($4,927 each). I was surprised […]

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Travel Value: More Fun, Less Cost

I am currently planning a trip to Miami and also want to spend a day in the Ft. Myers area. I have many options. I could fly a simple roundtrip into and from South Florida (Miami and/or Ft. Lauderdale)—and drive to Ft. Myers and back. However, I would prefer one-way flights into Ft. Myers and […]

Travel Tip: Air Traveler’s Holiday Wish List for 2013

I first published this in 2002. What is still true? What is worse? Submit your proposed 2013 updates. Surely, “no full body scans” and “no pat downs” can fit in here somewhere. From December 2002: Follow me on Twitter (@CharlesMcCool) and subscribe to this blog (click button in upper left corner) to be among the first notified […]

Holiday Flying Tips: 8 Great Tips to INCREASE YOUR ODDS of Getting Bumped (2013)

Many people are flying in the next few days and weeks, I thought it would be valuable to re-run this holiday travel article. Originally published November 22, 2011. Welcome to the busiest travel period of the year. For most travelers, this is a trying time and getting there (and home) is a daunting task. The previous McCool […]